Like a G6

All Of The Harry Potter Parodies You Could Ever Want

In honor of the fact that the last film in the Harry Potter franchise has finally arrived, we’ve got a compilation of HP-inspired parodies for y’all! You may have seen some of these videos featured on Nerd Bastards over the past few weeks, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to have ’em all in one place.

“Stupefy You” is a parody of Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck You”, by ThePitNYC. It’s pretty wacky!

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The Autobots Are Fly Like A G6: Transformers Parody

You’ve probably heard of the song “Like A G6” by The Far East Side Movement. The Autobots have heard of it as well.

Randall Ng modeled and animated this parody of the Autobots shakin’ their thangs to this song at the Dancitron. And someone seems to think that they’re fly like a G1.

This is how Transformers would dance if they could dance. Check it out!

Source: You Bent My Wookie

Roll a D6 (Roll a G6 Parody)

Not enough can be said of the epicness of this video.

If you are a fan of Dungeons & Dragons, or just roll playing games in general, you will definitely enjoy this parody of “Like a G6” by Far East Movement called “Like a D6,” named after the six-sided die used to play.

Just do yourself a favor, and watch it. It’s cute, funny and will get stuck in your head for a LONG time.



Roll a D6 from Connor Anderson on Vimeo.