Fans of the Divergent film series took a hit when Lionsgate announced the fourth film, Ascendant, would not be coming to theaters, but instead be released on television as a backdoor pilot for a spin-off television series. Now it’s time to take another hit with the announcement from Shailene Woodley (The Fault In Our Stars, 9 Kisses, and Snowden) that she wouldn’t be involved in the spin-off. That’s right, the woman who headlined the first three films will not be taking part in the television show based off the fourth film and that’s not something fans are going to be happy to hear.



One of the greatest concerns for actors is that if they have a really great role that everybody loves them in, then there’s a very good chance that they might end up being typecast. The thought is probably in Chris Evans’ head since he leads one of the most successful series inside the greater Marvel Studios universe as Captain America. Everybody loves Evans’ take on the Star-Spangled Avenger, a character that’s admittedly hard to pull off and find nuance without making him a boy scout, but now it seems like Evans is going another way. Chris Evans has just been cast in the ultimate multiple personality story. (more…)


The year was 1999. Buffy the Vampire Slayer let us enjoy high school hell, *NSYNC and Britney Spears ruled the radio, and the country looked forward to the sane and sensible presidency of Al Gore. Then we started hearing about three college students that went missing in rural Maryland, and how their film footage was found in the woods and edited together into something called The Blair Witch Project and how it was going to allegedly scare our pants off. Well get ready to party like its 1999 because the upcoming Lionsgate film The Woods was revealed last night at San Diego Comic Con to be Blair Witch, the second sequel to the Project. (more…)


Yesterday, rumors started rumbling that The Divergent Series would be given an unceremonious end with a TV movie, and the possibility of a spin-off TV series. As of this moment, Lionsgate has said nothing official about it, so the matter is more in the category of possibility than probability, but still it’s one of those rumors that’s almost too unbelievable to be false. You’ve got to wonder though, how much do the people involved, particularly the franchise’s star, know about this possibility? Has she been told? Might she consider appearing on the Divergent TV movie? In the case of Shailene Woodley, the answer is a definitive, “What you talkin’ about, Willis?” (more…)



A few months ago, we here at NerdBastards let you know about the train-wreck that was Allegiant. This film was plagued by an awful script, pointless CG effects, and an overall dull experience. This came as no surprise to many of you, as most YA movies are notorious for being bland and unappealing outside their pre-teen audience. In addition, Lionsgate, the studio that behind the Divergent films, hasn’t exactly had a good year. From the notoriously awful animated film Norm of the North to the bloated mess that was Gods of Egypt, all of their 2016 wide releases so far have received scathing reviews from critics and audiences. One could easily blame Lionsgate’s CEO for letting these movies happen in the first place, but apparently, he feels the same way we do.  (more…)


This is it! The day you’ve all been waiting for! Somewhere in Vancouver, on this very day, they have begun production on the all new, rebooted, big screen Power Rangers movie! After months of teasing, casting announcements of people we’ve never heard of, and the fake-out of the Joseph Khan R-rated Power Rangers no one knew they wanted, Power Rangers will soon be a reality. There’s still a full-year before we will be able to see these Rangers in theaters, but today, not only do we have a press release announcing the start of production, and a plot synopsis, we also have a candid photo of the new Rangers hanging out. Prepare to swoon. (more…)


While Lionsgate might be trying to figure out how to do more Hunger Games after the final chapter hits theaters in November later this year, it doesn’t mean they’re not looking for the next Hunger Games franchise to cash in on. Word is that Lionsgate is looking to take everyone to the Borderlands. That’s right, Lionsgate is taking the video game to movie plunge with game developer Gearbox‘s Borderlands video game franchise. (more…)


Creating destination theme attractions based on material from the movies goes back to when Walt Disney had an idea to turn acres of prime California real estate into an ode to the intellectual property he created that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Now, in that fine tradition, fans of The Hunger Games films will be able to go to a park where they can live in the dystopian/draconian future created by author Suzanne Collins and the films that are based on her works. Yay? Yes, now soon all the fun of hunting down adolescences in a brutal and booby trapped environment will be yours according to a recent press release. (more…)


Lionsgate is taking its biggest movie franchise The Hunger Games to the theater boards in a live action stage show that will in all likelihood involve some innovative production techniques. The show will launch in 2016 in a brand new purpose-built theater next door to Wembley Stadium in London. Image Nation and Triangler Entertainment are in charge of bringing The Hunger Games to the stage.



Go Go Power Rangers!  This is the rally cry of fans that fell in love with Saban’s television series about a group of teenagers who could “morph” into the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, thanks to some alien technology, and piloted Voltron-like Jaegers back in the early 90’s.  Just like pretty much everything else that invokes a bit of nostalgia, it was recently announced that MMPR would be getting a big screen reboot.  Well, fans now know when they will be able to see their favorite Rangers back on the silver screen. (more…)