literal singing

LITERAL Trailer: Warcraft Cataclysm


Trailers with literal lyrics is a goof that may be overdone to some, but to us it never gets old. If they keep making them will keep posting them.

For those who do not know,  what Tobuscus does (genius behind these videos), is basically sing along to already existing trailers, but sings lyrics that relate to exactly what is happening on screen at the time. It sounds strange at first, but the results are pretty hilarious.

Toby Turner returns in this literal Grammy nom, harmonizer in tow for a squeaky clean rendition of WOW: Cataclysm and one angry dragon’s (Heheh, I said angry dragon) revenge on a dam, a castle, and a couple of statues.

This shit cracks me up, how about you?

Resident Evil Literal Song Parody


Get ready to start narrating your life while you walk down the street!!!

I was a huge fan of Mtv’s THE STATE back when I was 13-15 years old.  Which means I love repetitive humor. I love literal humor, and nothing comes this literal. Resident Evil: Afterlife got the treatment and it is so goddamned funny, it deserves repetitive viewing. (Via ToplessRobot)