little mermaid live-action

rebecca thomas

Like it or not, Universal Pictures is ready to remake The Little Mermaid, although this time around they plan on making it into a live-action flick. None-other-than Sofia Coppola was ready to take on directorial duties for the new movie, which says something. Unfortunately, she changed her mind about six months ago. Some might have thought this the end of the project, but Universal presses on and seeks to replace Coppola with a new director, Rebecca Thomas. (more…)

little mermaid book cover

Before you get your panties in a wad, remember that long before The Little Mermaid was a Disney flick it happened to be a fairy tale written by Hans Christian Anderson (way back in the 1830s). So when I tell you that Sofia Coppola is looking to jump into the director’s chair for a live-action version of the classic tale, don’t start screaming nonsense about that Disney cartoon. It shall be its own thing and, I’m guessing, fall more in line with the original tale. (more…)