Little Mermaid

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Like it or not, Universal Pictures is ready to remake The Little Mermaid, although this time around they plan on making it into a live-action flick. None-other-than Sofia Coppola was ready to take on directorial duties for the new movie, which says something. Unfortunately, she changed her mind about six months ago. Some might have thought this the end of the project, but Universal presses on and seeks to replace Coppola with a new director, Rebecca Thomas. (more…)

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Before you get your panties in a wad, remember that long before The Little Mermaid was a Disney flick it happened to be a fairy tale written by Hans Christian Anderson (way back in the 1830s). So when I tell you that Sofia Coppola is looking to jump into the director’s chair for a live-action version of the classic tale, don’t start screaming nonsense about that Disney cartoon. It shall be its own thing and, I’m guessing, fall more in line with the original tale. (more…)

This week on the podcast: Sarah Moran stops by to help out with the Fall Movie Preview and the guys and Sarah discuss the syphilitic porn industry, Mermaid enhancement, Travolta The Toxic Avenger, and Superman and Wonder Woman getting naughty.

Also on the show: Jason, Jeremy, and Sarah discuss the drunken debauchery that goes on at Dragon Con (which she’ll be attending), the ridiculousness of the Doctor Who release date indecision, and the Royal Canadian White Trash Rock and Roll Wedding of Ramen Noodle Hair Guy and the Sk8Tr Grrl.

Then in DIRTY NERDY CONFESSIONS: Jason and Jeremy totally mail it in but Sarah saves the day by revealing that she once wrote… well you’ll just have to press play to find out, but it’s good and the hunt is on to find it so she can come back and read an excerpt.

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There’s a lot of nerd art on the ‘net. Mostly it’s fan-fiction tentacle Pr0n but, hey, we’re not complaining! We see so much neato art work on a daily basis, but they don’t make it to the front page of Nerd Bastards for whatever reasons. We’re either lazy, or a piece of stand alone artwork isn’t enough to warrant a full post. Mostly we’re lazy. But who are we to rob you of this net glory? We’re bastards, but we’re not assholes. So, here’s a roundup of the latest nerd art: intended for eye masturbation purposes.

The Nerd Art Stock Pile will become a weekly feature from now on, so keep your eyes peeled for these every Wednesday!

We’ll start this week off with a piece by Will Murai, who explores the idea of Altaïr, the lead character in Assassin’s Creed, being a woman. It’s a great piece of work; this artist is obviously talented and knows his craft. And she’s pretty fuckin’ sexy. Obviously the entire point was to appeal to dicks all around the globe, a la Dead or Alive, but her outfit is extremely impractical for her line of work, and the stark contrast between Altaïr’s complete coverage and her lack of coverage is a bit ridiculous.


WoW Part of Your Guild (Little Mermaid Parody)

little mermaid

WOW indeed! This very well done parody, taking Little Mermaid’s Part Of Their World song and liberally changing the song into one girl’s cool W.O.W. legacy is epic! Not only is she hot, she has got herself quite a pair of twin cannons leaving you udderly speechless while she belts out tweaked lyrics in a beautiful voice. Now THAT is the question. Is this girl lip syncing or is she singing for real-sies? See for yourself, Part of Your Guild is an exceptional parody, even as far as parodies go.

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Our friends at I09 said it best when they asked : “Wouldn’t it be fantastic if instead of Disney’s wussification of Marvel’s characters, the tables were turned and instead Marvel turned the Disney princesses into Skrull invaders and zombies like this Dark Little Mermaid?”

A pondering thought indeed.

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