live action remake

For the most part, Hollywood has struggled with anime adaptation for US audiences. For every Edge of Tomorrow: Live Die, Repeat, you can get a Dragon Ball Z. Many films have heavily drawn influences from anime. Take The Matrix, for example, has taken anime influences and delivered a great original product. However, with Scarlett Johansson appearing in this year’s live-action adaptation of Ghost in the Shell, it looks like US audiences are gearing up for anime’s to be taken seriously and done well. Next on the plate, Attack on Titan.



It’s full speed ahead at the Walt Disney Company right now as apparently they won’t be satisfied until all their classic animated movies are remade as lavish live-action reproductions. The next item up for bids is an immensely popular film from a quarter of a century ago, one that solidified the studio’s modern comeback, and reasserted the their brandname for creating instant classics. So to recap, in the last few weeks alone, we’ve gotten the announcement of Jon Favreau’s The Lion King, a live-action (and presumably white-washed) Mulan, and now we’re going to get Aladdin from that master of subtlety and romance, Guy Ritchie(more…)