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SDCC14: ‘Hannibal’ Panel Live-Blog


This evening the Fannibals take over Ballroom 20! Beginning soon is a panel for NBC’s Hannibal that will be moderated by Jonathan Ross. Expected on the panel are executive producer/creator Bryan Fuller, executive producer/writer Steven Lightfoot, director David Slade, executive producer Martha DeLaurentiis, and stars Caroline Dhavernas, Scott Thompson, and Aaron Abrams. Hit the jump for some behind-the-scenes tidbits from Season 2 and perhaps a tease of what’s coming in Season 3! (more…)

SDCC14: ‘Community’ Panel Live-Blog


Today in Ballroom 20, the recently resurrected Community is holding a panel moderated by Michael Schneider, TV Guide magazine’s executive editor. Expected to be on the panel are the series’ creator Dan Harmon as well as members of the cast. Hit the jump for our live-blog to learn more details about reaching six seasons and a movie! (more…)


Or, rather, I should say he Facebook-ed it all because all day yesterday Peter Jackson was updating his Facebook page with reports from the set on the final day of filming for The Hobbit trilogy. Above is a photo he posted with the caption, “Big Richard, Medium Richard and Little Richard,” referring to Richard Armitage who plays Thorin pictured along with two of his dwarven-size doubles. It’s up to you to figure out which is which. “One of these is Richard Armitage, and two of them are not. It’s your guess,” says Jackson.

Directors utilizing social media is nothing new. I mean, doesn’t Bryan Singer tweet a picture from the set of Days of Future Past like every hour? But I don’t believe anyone’s done it better than Jackson. His video blogs and Facebook updates have provided fans an inside look at the filmmaking process that often even Blu-ray extras can’t compete with. And this particular day of Facebook updates is the best yet. You’ll marvel at how much stuff the man must manage in one day. It’s amazing! From 8:30 in the morning until 7:30 at night Jackson posted about filming stunts, fights scenes with Dwalin (Graham McTavish), Fili (Dean O’Gorman), and Kili (Aidan Turner), music spotting with Howard Shore, and Mr. Smudge, his cat, who sees him off every morning and welcomes him home in the evening.

Oh! And these two,


What’s happening here, I have no idea, but Jackson assures us this was filmed. For the movie, not simply shits and giggles, though I can’t imagine anyone keeping a straight face while whatever this is happens.

Do go scroll through Jackson’s Facebook for all the updates as they’re a fascinating look at the final filming day for one monumental movie undertaking. The only bummer is, if we’re to get any more of his video blogs, they’ll be coming from post-production. Still looking forward to them, though, so hurry up Peter!

Source: Cinema Blend


[Editor’s Note: That FOX panel sure did have a lot of surprises, didn’t it? I mean, WOW, the entire cast of X-Men: Days of Future Past showed up! … Now, here’s Manny with updates from what’s likely THE most anticipated panel of the convention. Will there be footage of Thor: The Dark World? Captain America: The Winter Soldier? What of the rumor there’ll be a reunion of Avengers old and new? Maybe, we’ll hear an announcement of a new Phase 3 movie? Doctor Strange? Captain Marvel? You’ll know as soon as we do! Once the live blog begins, refresh for updates.]

[UPDATE: This panel has now concluded. Thank you so much for following along, and a big thanks to Manny for live blogging Hall H. To catch up, you’ll find the full panel commentary below the cut.]



[Editor’s Note: After an exhilarating afternoon of some wild surprises from the Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures Panel and the awesome Catching Fire trailer that debuted within Hall H, Manny Lozano is back from a short rest, refuel, and recharge – himself and his smartphone – to bring you live commentary for FOX’s mysterious panel. We’re expecting them to bring The Wolverine as well as Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, but there’s been several rumors about “something major” being revealed. Footage from Days of Future Past? The much anticipated announcement of the X-Force movie? Another X-Men movie franchise? Whatever it is, in a matter of moments Manny will have the lowdown. Once the panel begins, hit refresh for updates.]

[UPDATE: This has panel has now concluded. Hit the jump for the full, original panel commentary. Up next, MARVEL STUDIOS!]



[Editor’s Note: Whew! And just like that, once the Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures panel concluded it’s on to Lionsgate! They’re bringing I, Frankenstein and the next installment of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire. Let’s get to Manny’s live commentary!]

[UPDATE: This panel has now concluded. Thanks for following the live blog! Hit the jump for original live commentary. Then, stick with Nerd Bastards for more SDCC coverage, including more Hall H live blogs of both the FOX and Marvel Studios panel.]



[Editor’s Note: At this very moment, Manny Lozano, one of our embedded reporters, is getting comfortable in Hall H preparing to live blog the Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures panel in where they’ll be previewing Godzilla, Seventh Son, 300: Rise of an Empire, The LEGO Movie, and Edge of Tomorrow. We’ve already had a taste of Godzilla with Manny’s report from the Godzilla Encounter, and we’ve seen trailers for Seventh Son and The LEGO Movie. We’re not entirely sure just who’ll be appearing on the panel, but I know Manny will let us know the minute things start. For more info on the panel, here’s a link to the official SDCC schedule. Once the panel starts, keep refreshing for updates.]

[UPDATE: This panel has since concluded. Hit the jump to view the original live blog commentary. Thanks for tuning in! Coming soon, the live blog of Lionsgate’s Hall H panel.]


Stan Lee Experience

Welcome to our Live Blog of the Stan Lee Q&A at Wizard World NYC’s Comic Con Experience. We’re here in a sweat lodge waiting for Henry Winkler to deliver an “inspirational speech” that I pray will be called “How to live a thumbs up life”. If Mr. Winkler drops any tidbits about Arrested Development or Children’s Hospital, I’ll let you know, but if not, then check back at 1pm ET for Stan and me and my iPhone that doesn’t yet know how to spell excelsior.

So… Bye for now.

Henry Winkler has left the building. He said “eyyyyy”, he was nice, said Barry will snap and kill Buster in the Arrested Development movie, which comes out in 2015 according to him.

Just fucking around. Stan Lee starts in 20 minutes. I want to ask him about cologne.

Stone cold "Mensch".

Stone cold “Mensch”.

Just 10 minutes till Stan Lee pulls up in the Batmobile. Rumor has it that Steve Ditko will not be making an appearance, but we’ll keep you updated.

Man in pink bow tie is speaking about winning a reality show. We have no care for his words! Bring us the magical elder!

Stan is running late. My ass is numb. These things are unrelated.

Still no Stan. Sources (friend on the show floor) says Stan was still signing at his booth as of 10 minutes ago. They say Live Blogs are supposed to help the reader feel like they are right there in the moment… This is some riveting shit.

Stan Lee has arrived. At last.

First question is about Star Wars comics at Marvel. Stan wants to know where George Lucas is, why he isn’t at the Con. Butter statues Stan, butter statues.

Next question is about breaking into comics. Stan advises the fellow to try another business. “You really need to be as good as the best” to get into comics now. Stan says he doesn’t know if he could get a job in comics today.

A child asks Stan what inspired him to “make Marvel”, the ghost of Jack Kirby appeared and choked the child out, looked to the stage, pointed a finger and yelled “producerrrr!”

Part of that didn’t actually happen.


Stan would like to be in DC movies now. Anywhere but in Metropolis Stan, anywhere but in Metropolis.

Fan asks Stan about Civil War or World War Hulk movie. Stan says its a great idea, says execs are fans, want to see the same thing that we want, then name checks a lot of projects we already know about.

Fan asks if Stan misses working with Kirby. Stan praises Kirby, Ditko, etc. Now he’s talking about the creative process with Kirby, from story to art, to dialogue, praises Kirby for his contributions.

Next question is about Stan’s hobbies. He lists his work with POW, no mention of fragrance. Hulk sad. He also mentions movie from POW and Chinese company about Annihilator.

Bob Kane question now. Stan says “Bob was one of the nicest guys in the world”, then talks about Kane’s love of being the creator of Batman. No word on Bill Finger’s feelings on the matter.

Stan says Diablo is the one character he failed at. He expounded on that a bit with us back in October during NYCC.

Stan says he has recorded a ton of voice appearances for upcoming cameo appearances in Marvel cartoons. A janitor, a mayor…

Stuff gets kinda heavy as a girl asks if a God can die, i.e. Thor.

“Not if Marvel keeps making money”.

Fan asks if anyone will ever be as Legendary as Stan: “how could they be?” Stan jokes.

Some dude in an anarchy shirt asks a long assed question about what gives Stan his drive: “greed” jokes Lee before explaining his love if the craft.

Last question, asks if there have been any adaptations that he was not pleased with:

Stan isn’t a fan of the way Dr. Doom was portrayed in Fantastic Four. Then pitches himself for DC cameos again.

And that’s all from the Stan Lee live blog.


Excelsior, bitches!

E3 Xbox digital text

Welcome to the start of our E3 coverage and our Microsoft Xbox One Live Blog. Below you will find thoughts from the Nerdbastards team on Microsoft’s next generation console when the 1pm ET presentation begins out in LA.

Before that, take a look what we want to see from the presentation and have a conversation with us in the comment section about what you want to see.

What we already know: The Xbox One is poised to take aim at the home entertainment market, providing a broad experience that includes web browsing, live TV, social integration, a pumped up Kinect, and (allegedly) gaming.

What we want to see: A price point would be lovely, but details and gameplay are what we really want to see. The time for ambiguity and a parade of cinematic trailers has passed. Microsoft has our attention, but now they need to get our money with a presentation that speaks directly to consumers, offering clarity on some of the more controversial elements of the One while also showing us what the next generation of gaming really looks like.

How is the Xbox One not only better than the PS4 (and the Wii U… I guess) but also a clear upgrade over what we have? This is the biggest question facing Microsoft as they kick off E3.

The live blog will begin at 1pm. Watch the Microsoft presentation on Spike or online at E3 Insider. If we are able to embed the livestream, we will do so. 

12:07 – We’re still less than an hour away from the start of the presentation, but Phil Spencer is on Spike talking to Geoff Keighley and he just teased something from Rare’s past that will be revealed. Something long awaited. Naturally, the mind turns to Goldeneye 64 and a possible  XBL release.

12:21 –

Geoff Tweet

12:22 – Not really a huge surprise considering the commercial holiday/start of the holiday shopping season that is “Black Friday”. Now if someone would just blurt out the price…

12:42 – Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain looks pretty damn good, gameplay was impressive. Is it next level? Pretty damn close.

12:43 – Don Mattrick takes to the stage, promises that this will be all about gaming and that there will be 13 exclusive titles revealed today.

12:44 – Interesting move here, introducing an Xbox 360 redesign that is available now. “Our commitment to the Xbox 360 has never been stronger. Again, a surprise since they’re introducing its replacement. Perhaps they realize the staying power of this generation. They also just promised 2 free game downloads to Xbox Gold members in the near future.

12:45 – 120 new games for Xbox 360 coming down the pike.

12:52 – Phil Spencer comes to the stage to talk about the Xbox One. Primetime has arrived as the trailer for RYSE begins.

12:56 – RYSE looks damn good, though not entirely fluid. Not a fan of guided attacks. Whatever happened to some button mashing X, Y, X, X, Y, Y, X, Y action people?

1:02 – Speaking of button mashing, Killer Instinct trailer plays… yawn.

1:04 – Sunset Overdrive looks like a love letter to critics of video game violence. Just ridiculous, cartoon mayhem and headshots. It looks like something that would exist if the guys from Crank made a Pixar movie.

1:08 – “Driveatar”… what a stupid fucking name that, of course, follows boasts about the end of AI from the Forza 5, which does, admittedly look freaking stellar.

1:11 – Corporate rep from Microsoft is singing a song about indie games. Oh, the word “indie”, show us on the doll where the world touched you.

1:14 – Quantum Break game footage… right after this impressive cinematic… maybe.

1:17 – D4 is a episodic murder mystery, anime noir?

1:20 – Project: Spark looks like “God: The Game” and employs Kinect and Smart Glass. You can turn a rock into a pet… and water into wine. Shitty jokes aside, this is “custom, as you go” gaming. Which is incredible.

1:23 – Project: Spark is the kind of thing I wanted to see. A clear step forward and an unexpected innovation. With that said, there will be limits and those limits will control it’s magnificence. Is this going to be an endlessly replayable and re-configurable time-waster, or will it play like a parlor trick with a limited set of options that we quickly grow tired of? Sadly, we’ll have to wait and see.

1:28 – Does anyone really care about watching other people’s gameplay videos?

1:31 – Dead Rising 3 world premiere. New town, new hero, new disappointment that we’re not getting more Frank.

1:33 – No load times and an open world. Happy to see the build-a-weapon option, though I hope they make it a bit more random. There is also a ton of driving apparently, which is awesome and once again prompts the question, “Dear Rockstar, when the fuck are you going to give us some GTA/zombie bonus content?”

The game looks good from the gameplay, but the main character’s movements are still blocky like a video game character. There is no fluidity, which takes you out of the experience when watching his run and jump and attack with the same basic set of movements.

Using Smart Glass to call in support feels like cheating.

1:41 – The Witcher 3 looks like a pretty solid RPG, but I need to see more.

1:42 – Battlefield gameplay trailer at 60 FPS. I gotta give it up to Microsoft, they are certainly bringing it in terms of showing us gameplay.

1:43 – Assuming they can actually get the clip to play.

1:46 – Battlefield 4 environments look beautiful, specifically the water effects. FPS gameplay looks tight, but as with all FPS, you have to have it in your hand to know if it is for you.

1:49 – Map pack to debut on Xbox One first for Battlefield 4. Is that all EA is showing? Really expected to see some sports titles, but perhaps they blew their wad during the Reveal Press Conference.

1:53 – I can’t be the only one whose eyes got WIDE as the hood fell back and Master Chief was revealed, right?

1:55 – Halo FPS on Xbox One in 2014.

1:59 – Titalfall looks rather good, I swear I thought it was an Elysium tie-in game when the trailer started.

1:57 – Pricepoint announcement: Xbox One will cost $499.99. Probably not unanticipated, but will you pay it? Based on what I’m seeing here, I am intrigued, I am FAR more excited about this system then I was after the Reveal, but there are still too many questions and too many other possible expenses for me to say, “Yes, certainly.”

Maybe that will change, but for now, I am still wait and see on the Xbox One, but a lot closer to where they need me and other consumers to be.

2:05 – That’s the end of the presentation, be sure to check out our PS4 Liveblog later tonight.


It’s the announcement gamers have all been waiting for — Sony is revealing details for the next generation, the Playstation 4. Watch the livestream here and check out our live blog.

Live video from your iPhone using Ustream

Live Blog

So far, the biggest reveals have been the new dual shock controller, with a touchpad and a camera that sees the controller. There will also be a dedicated chip for downloads and uploads — something that could pave the way for more direct downloads of content. They’re also promising the death of load times.

Social networking will also be a key component. I don’t see the point in being able to watch a friend game, but they’re highlighting it.

Share button seeks to bring friends into the gaming experience. Help with defeating tough levels and challenges, social messaging on screen while playing a game, sending someone a DM to change your feed bag so you never, ever have to stop playing Skyrim.

They’re talking about the Vita as a companion device, taking a cue from Wii U and their tablet inspired controller. Also, every screen is beautiful.

Usual suspects in terms of streamable content: Amazon, Hulu Plus, Crackle (because, apparently people crave the crackle), and the Netflix.

Talking about putting retro games on PS4 via cloud technology eventually, though you won’t, apparently, be able to play PS3 games on the PS4 out of the box. How pissed are you that you got rid of your copy of Final Fantasy IX?

The Missing Wow Factor So Far

Still waiting for that WOW reveal. That thing that makes me think, I MUST have this system. Quicker downloads is a big deal, but they can only do much on the hardware side to make direct downloads of games a feasible mainstream model. So that feels like an innovation for another day, not something that will matter a whole hell of a lot out of the box in the near future. I imagine that the longevity of the last generation and the rocky debut of PS3 made the need for built in innovations that would matter more as time goes by a MUST. Smart business move, but that won’t get wallets to swing open.

Social network function is neat, but is it going to be practical. Solitary gaming is the proffered way for many.

Okay, the video with developers gushing over the development process has come to an end, back to the live blog.

Live Blog (Continued)

Killzone: Shadow Fall demo on screen. Graphics are impressive, sound and effects like the explosion draw you in. Is this THAT MUCH of an upgrade over current gen? Also, this is a demo. How will it look on MY TV out of the box?

Cars look spectacular on Drive Club, which is a team based game that has been in the works for about a decade. Ooooh, fiber direction map. Snazzy…

Is Sony over emphasizing social gaming?

This game from Sucker Punch looks amazing, but Killzone looked like gameplay, this looked like a cinematic, so who cares what that looks like?

Thou shalt not poo poo immense, open worlds. The Witness is aiming to be dense, all killer, no filler. I am skeptical. I’m a Fallout junkie, I need a 45 minute walk from outpost to outpost damnit.

I understand the need to show a broad range of game options, but for something like this, I think showing games that push the graphical edge  would have been wiser. Also, familiar franchises.

David Cage from Quantic Dream, aka Hard Rain and Beyond: 2 Souls creator talking now. Could get what I’m asking for in terms of innovation and beauty.

Hey, by the way, this presentation is far too long.

Do gamers care about the past of Sony, or is this about the future? Less about the talk, more about the show.

90 minutes in and they finally announce that “nearly” every 3rd party developer will support PS3. No-brainer, but still, it would have been nice if it came up front.

This guy just said the word tweet… he is clearly one of us.

Explain to me how Capcom’s past use of tech on the PS2 is going to sell me and you on the PS4?


Right now, all I want to know is: what does it look like, how much will it cost, will it play used games, and how long will they offer support on the PS3 so I can avoid buying this new thing.

Watching the stream on Twitch. Lots of “these guys look gay” on their comment system. Oh yes, lets make gaming MORE of a social experience.

Talking about Watch Dogs now, one of the most buzzed about games from E3.

Watch Dogs looks good. This is something we already knew.

Blizzard and Sony have aligned. Then, the Blizzard guy called out for applause from the audience — there was silence.

Blizzard announces a Diablo port to the PS4. So… that worked out well last time they did that.

Activision guy comes out, vows to support PS4 in launch window, which will be…

Bungie and Destiny coming to the PS4. So far, this is my favorite bit of news.

And it’s done. Yes. It’s done.


Apparently the next generation looks a lot like this generation. Also, way to piss off gamers and sour journalists against your system by putting out a 2 hour dog and pony show with little substance. No look at the system, no specific release date, no set price point. Basically, all the games looked like something off a PC dev kit and there were tons of cinematics and little gameplay.

Basically, Microsoft can rather easily grab a lead in the next gen race with a presentation that is less flair and more fact. And also, show us the damn system.