live long and prosper

This past weekend Leonard Nimoy attended his final Star Trek convention. The show was Creation Entertainment’s Official 45th Anniversary Star Trek Convention in Rosemont, Illinois and for those lucky fans in attendance it must have been a night to remember.

Trek Movie reports Nimoy,

…shared his life story through words, poetry, and pictures. Especially moving were photos of his days as a young man growing up in Boston. He shared many great experiences, discussing how various people, including Senator John F. Kennedy who was a passenger in his cab, had inspired him with their words and deeds.

But even before Nimoy took the stage Creation Entertainment surprised the night’s star as well as the audience with a video presentation from the seven main stars of the 2009’s Star Trek and director J.J. Abrams sending their best wishes to their costar. The best part apparently being, “Karl Urban doing his best Dr. McCoy during his tribute.” We can only hope this video makes its way online soon.

Fittingly, Nimoy ended the panel with his traditional farewell greeting, “Live Long and Prosper.” And we only hope the 80-year old actor goes on doing just that.



A mere four days after William Shatner hit the big 8-0 his friend and fellow Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy turns 80. Kind of creepy, isn’t it? As if these two were destined to do great things together.

Leonard Nimoy, as if you didn’t already know, warped in to our American consciousness with his life-altering performance as Mr. Spock in the original Star Trek series. It’s a role he’s been fighting with every day since, initially hating the pointy-eared bastard for typecasting him and later embracing the role and it’s impact on television and science fiction history. He’s written two autobiographies illustrating this, the first I Am Not Spock the second, I Am Spock. Clever, Leonard. In addition to his acting chops Nimoy is a celebrated photographer. His photo series, Secret Selves, allowed his subjects to break free and strut their true selves for the camera. Something I think any nerd or geek can appreciate. His work from this series is available in t-shirt form at his Etsy shop.

Recently Nimoy has appeared on FOX’s show Fringe (which was just, surprisingly, renewed) and of course the newest Star Trek film, again reprising his most famous role. In an interview with he says he has no plans of reprising the role in the 2012 sequel and that his time in the last movie gave him great closure.

I think I was useful in the last film and I think for me it really was the last film. I think the torch has been very successfully passed to a bunch of very talented young people, and not just Zachary, but Chris Pine and all of them. I think they’re very talented and will have a lot of fun, and I wish them well.

You can read the massive and in depth interview here, here and here. Yes, it comes in three parts. What can I tell you, the man has a lot to say. He’s been around for 80 freakin’ years!

So bust out your Vulcan ears, Romulan ale and old VHS tapes of the coveted Star Trek blooper reels and celebrate Nimoy’s birthday in style. You can even wish him a happy one via Twitter. He, like Bill Shatner, has embraced the new social media often tweeting personal photos from his childhood or behind the scenes of Trek. He also has his own sign off, Shatner’s is ‘My Best, Bill’ or MBB. To no real surprise it’s LLAP, better known as ‘Live Long and Prosper.’ And we wish him nothing more.