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In just a few days, the Super Bowl will hit the airwaves to an audience of millions. Ironically enough, instead of the game itself, many people will be tuning in just to watch the commercials. On any other day, most people skip commercials with ad-blocking software or fast-forwarding their DVRs. However, Super Bowl ads are practically engineered to warrant the audience’s attention with wacky slapstick, tear-jerking sentiment, and, of course, celebrities. If you’re a proud member of the 78% of Americans who just watch the Super Bowl for these commercials, comedic duo Key and Peele have a special treat for you this year. (more…)


You’ll recall that during San Diego Comic Con this year, there was something of a crisis concerning long line-ups and people having to wait well into the wee hours of the morning to just get the wrist bands that would allow you to access the panels taking place the next day. Why bother? The panels in Hall H is where the news is made, people, and everyone wants to be there to get news first. So why not just put the panels online, and live-stream them so that the people who just want the news can watch it somewhere more comfortable and convenient. Well, the team at New York Comic-Con thinks that’s a good idea. (more…)

Ah, the future. Sometimes you just have to love how much it rocks living now as opposed to back then. Sure, we don’t have hover cars or jet packs – yet – but we do have the capability to attend the red carpet of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey‘s world premiere. If you caught the most recent Hobbit video blog from Peter Jackson you know they were still working hard on the finished film with only days left before the premiere. The premiere date has come and Warner Bros. will be streaming live from the red carpet for all us folks not in attendance.

There’ll be a range of things to see like a performance of “Song of the Lonely Mountain” from Neil Finn, red carpet interviews with the cast, and speeches made by the filmmakers. No, you don’t get to see the movie, but it’s the perfect primer for this Hobbit season.

The stream, available below, begins at 3:50pm NZDT Wednesday, but that’ll be 9:50pm/6:50pm EST/PST tonight for us in the States.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opens worldwide December 14th.

Source: Collider