A new featurette has surfaced for The Amazing Spider-Man, where we get a closer look at The Lizard.  The character is entirely CGI and while the rendering is done pretty well, it still feels a bit removed from the film itself.  Perhaps it’ll be different when we see the movie in its entirety, but I’m rather skeptical.

We do hear The Lizard speak for the first time in this featurette, and I do think that at the very least Rhys Ifans does a good job on his part.

Check it out below, and let us know what you think!  We’ll find out how this plays out on July 3 when it hits theaters.

Source: Collider

For those of you wondering how The Amazing Spiderman movie is going to handle the transformation of Dr. Curt Conners into the infamous Lizard, you could take a look at the two videos below.

Don’t get your hopes up though, aside from some twitching and other symptoms you won’t see much. This NerdBastard is kinda glad that the marketing geniuses have not shown too much of the movie’s villain. It seems like the new thing is to show almost the whole movie in clips, trailers, and featurettes well before the movie hits the theater screens.

These are the latest in the viral promotion campaign buildup to the film’s July 3rd release. It’s still this NerdBastards’ opinion that the push back of G.I.Joe: Retaliation will do more for the box office of The Amazing Spiderman than any of these “viral” videos.

As July 3rd creeps ever closer, The Amazing Spider-Man marketing team is hard at work letting people know (over and over and over) that their movie is on the way.  Sony Pictures latest bombardment comes in the form of a trio of mouth-watering Spider-Man propaganda:  New stills of Spidey’s villain, The Lizard, an application that lets people play around with Spider-Man gimmicks and the release of yet another trailer for the film.

The Lizard will be played by Rhys Ifans (and his CGI counterpart), for those that don’t know.  For those that are unaware of what he’s supposed to look like, here are a couple of pics:

Step two of the marketing madness is the introduction of The Amazing Spider-Man Augmented Reality application for the iPad touch/iPhone/Android.  Basically, what this consists of is downloading the app, pointing the phone’s camera at particular images and then letting the fun begin.  The app recognizes images and then plays an associated video of an animated Spider-Man doing Spider-Man things.

The official site has the application available for download as well as some missions to mess around with.  They also show locations where more images are available.  And there are, of course, achievement badges to be earned, appealing to the neurotic collector that lurks in the heart of every nerd.

If that makes no sense, check out the accompanying video for a brief look at this new time-waster:

The final, and perhaps most yummy, piece of the marketing blitzkrieg is the release of a new trailer.  This trailer, unfortunately, will not be available until 7 PM tonight (Eastern Time), so make sure to check back with the OG’s at NB to see it when we gots it.


Thanks to comingsoon for letting us know about all this groovy stuff.

While I’m sure these pictures aren’t the big Lizard reveal you’ve been hoping for, they do give us some clues as to what the scaly side of Dr. Curt Connors will look like. Unlike previous set photos this time Rhys Ifans doesn’t have a bag over his head like some kidnapping victim but instead is sporting some scaly skin effects.

The gallery after the cut also includes some of our first looks at Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben, Sally Fields as Aunt May (noticeably less dowdy than her previous screen incarnations) and Andrew Garfield interacting with his new Gwen Stacy, Emma Stone.

Think the skin effect looks nifty or pretty lame? It’s subtle, that’s fore sure. But maybe that’s because they’re saving up for their biggest reveal. Dr. Connors’ hand will actually mutate into a living, breathing…Kermit the Frog!

image source: TheMarySue

I’m sure it’s only a glove used to cover his hand for post-production CGI effects, but come on, seriously, it looks like a freakin’ muppet!

Make sure you check out the full gallery of The Amazing Spider-man images, arriving in theatres July 22 2012, after the cut.

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Here’s all the little Superhero bits that you should know about, but just don’t make a full post on their own. Let’s start with some ‘Thor’ Box Office numbers:

Thor (Marvel/Disney/Paramount) NEW [3,955 Theaters] Friday $25.7M, Saturday $23.5M, Weekend $66M International $176M, Global Cume $242M.

Whats all that gibberish? Well basically, Thor thundered into theaters with a $66 million dollar take at the box office. The film opened in just under 4,000 theaters, averaging about $16.8k per location. This makes Thor the second biggest opening of the year. $6.6 million (10% of the box office) of the take comes from the 213 IMAX. As you know, the movie Internationally two weeks ago. So far it has made $242 from overseas markets.

Reviews have been good(Have you read Nerds Bastards Luke Gallagher and Matthew Jackson‘s reviews?), and British Kenneth Branagh‘s direction and Aussie newcomer Chris Hemsworth in the title role of The Mighty Thor earned a 92% rating currently on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s a good start to Marvel’s summer movie bonanza.

Who thinks June’s X-men – First Class will top Thor’s first weekend numbers?

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