It seems like Lobo has been stuck in development hell forever – and it has. The DC property, about an intergalactic alien mercenary, was originally optioned for a film way back in 2009. Back then it was Guy Ritchie taking the helm and we briefly had a period where The Rock was in talks to play the bad ass bounty hunter. This past March Jason Fuchs was tapped to write the script after impressing Warner Bros. with his Wonder Woman job. The questions still remain, will we ever see live action Lobo, and which Lobo will we get? (more…)


While DC executives can deny it till the cows come home, Deadpool‘s “R” rated success at the box office is breathing new life into some old comic book properties. On the DC side there’s Lobo, The Main Man, the cursing, killing, hard-drinking, intergalactic biker mercenary of the 90’s reinvention by co-creator Keith Giffen. Wonder Woman screenwriter Jason Fuchs has been tasked with throwing out the previous attempts back in 2009 and coming up with something new, and although it hasn’t been said publicly, something “R” rated of course. (more…)

Rock02Few actors have been connected to more live action comic book (particularly DC) adaptations than WWE legend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Fanboys, “insiders”, and rumor mongers have mentioned him as a possible candidate for such characters as Green Lantern, Black Adam, Martian Manhunter, Gravedigger, and Lex Luthor.

Johnson was in Las Vegas at CinemaCon promoting his upcoming film, Hercules: The Thracian Wars, and he took the time to address the question of which, if any, DC character he might be in serious negotiations to portray on the big or small screen:  (more…)

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson made a surprising announcement today (Dec 31) on his annual end-of-year #RockTalk, a surprisingly geology free Q&A session that he holds on Twitter. When asked by a fan what comic book character he’d like to play on the big screen, the top grossing actor for 2013 answered without really answering. However, what he did say is a hell of a lot more interesting.  (more…)


This week on the The BastardCast, Jason and Jeremy sift through the sickness of the Batlash about Batfleck (keep those open letters coming, folks). Also, the Lizard King is coming for Tony Stark, a Power Ranger is green with Wolverine envy, and Uwe Boll would like your money, please and thank you.

Do you need more? How about a discussion about what makes a nerd and how we’re a bit tired of having to prove ourselves worthy? Too serious? WE’RE BRINGING BACK TACO TALK!

There, all better. Does your soul ache for more content? Really? Fine! We’re talking about the Lobo redesign, Nintendo’s price cut, and Lego Stan Lee too!

All that and a bunch of super clever twerking jokes on The BastardCast.

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DC Comics has gotten a lot of flack for sexing up many of the female characters for the New 52, and now it seems that their solution to the problem is to start  sexing up the male characters as well. Where have they decided to start? Naturally, with a rude, bad ass intergalactic biker bounty hunter named Lobo.

Yes fans, that Lobo. Kenneth Rocafort is credited with the redesign, which went through a few changes you can see for yourself on the DC Source Blog, and the new Lobo will be further explored in the upcoming Justice League #23.2: Lobo. At least a couple of those designs are pretty much indicative of the old Lobo, so the question is why they might have decided to go with the male model version. What about Lobo has ever said male model?

Here’s the before…



Last year NerdBastards brought you the news that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was keyed up to play Lobo in a DC comics movie. Today we bring you the sad news that all we hoped for, is not to be. In a recent interview with Dwayne Johnson about his current projects, MTV News asked the question:

Are you going to be playing Lobo?

With Johnson answering:

“It was [something that I was going to do] for a minute, but then it kind of just went away, as things happen in Hollywood. For a minute, I was interested in it, but then it went away.”

Considering the turmoil going on around Warner Brothers and DC Comics movie productions lately, it’s no surprise that this project has gotten left on the shelf to gather dust. If the powers that be can’t get any of the tent pole characters of DC Comics to the big screen in a unified manner, besides Batman that is, one would expect the secondary characters, no matter how beloved by fans, to wither and die on the vine.

Don’t worry though, we’ll be seeing plenty of Johnson in the coming weeks with his appearances in the action thriller Snitch later this month, G.I. Joe: Retaliation next month, Michael Bay’s dark comedy Pain and Gain in April, and then he’ll be in Fast & Furious 6 in May.

Johnson also confirmed we can look forward to his interpretation of the role of Hercules in director Brett Ratner’s Hercules.

Via: Collider

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Above: New plan! Can the Lobo movie star a chick instead? This chick, in fact! This kick ass lady Lobo is cosplayed bybuddhafulx. (CMB)


The rumor mill be grinding about some interesting developments on two big superhero movies: Justice League and Thor: The Dark World.

On the subject of the latter, ScreenRant is reporting that there will be a special appearance by another Marvel superhero in the next solo adventure of the God of Thunder, in the person of none other than Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme.

And this will be no mere cameo a la Hawkeye’s appearance in the first Thor, as according to the website Dr. Strange will “be playing a big part in ‘all three acts’ of the film.” The role would see Strange ally himself with Thor love interest Jane Foster, pursuing his own interest in astronomy and Norse mythology. In other words, it would be quite the departure from the character’s established origin: a surgeon who ruins his hands and finds his true destiny as the most powerful sorcerer in this dimension.

It’s hard to believe that so close to production on Thor: The Dark World, this is the first we’ve heard of this story element; especially with the rumored casting of Viggo Mortensen as Strange. Although it would be interesting to see another Marvel character brought in to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I doubt that the Powers That Be at Marvel Studios would take a potential marquee character like Dr. Strange and contort him so totally to fit into the story of Thor. This rumor is definitely suspect.

In other news, Comic Book Movie is saying that an anonymous source told them that Warner Bros is exploring the idea of including the Main Man, Czarnian bounty hunter Lobo, in its Justice League movie. A solo Lobo movie is already in production with Journey 2 director Brad Peyton in charge and starring Dwayne Johnson in the title role, but is Warner trying to combine them both to double their chances of launching successful franchises? I doubt it. The tone of Lobo and Justice League are just too different. Could Lobo appear in a Justice League movie? Sure, as a cameo or an Easter Egg, but not as either a protagonist or antogonist.

More news as it develops.

Source: MTV Splash Page

‘The Rock’ Confirms Lobo Rumors

The Internet rumor mill has been peculating for awhile about The Rock taking up various roles in a DC Comics movie. The easiest choice would be Black Adam if DC ever gets around to putting a SHAZAM movie together. The Rock has said many times that he’d love to play SHAZAM’s arch enemy, but that’s still just a pipe dream.

The hottest of the recent rumors have him in the running to play Lobo on the big screen. During Rock Talk, an online twitter chat, Johnson said there is a real possibility that Lobo is in his future.

Do you think Johnson can pull off Lobo? Can DC Comics make a Lobo movie that won’t go down the Green Lantern path? Hit the comments section below and and tell NerdBastards what you think.