Feminism. As a woman I believe we have every right to be whatever we want, as long as it’s okay with your husband of course.  When I’m not in my rightful place such as the kitchen, washing my husbands feet, or lying perfectly still while he has his way with me. I like to go to the movies (husband permitting). and as a strong woman of the 21st century I like to make sure that the movies I watch portray females in that very same way. Well, gee golly gosh, how do I know If I’m watching a feminist approved movie? Luckily a nice lesbian in 1985 by the name of Alison Bechdel produced a comic strip called Dykes to watch out for. My husband, who is a very smart man, once told me that all lesbians just needed a good poke! I for obvious reasons don’t understand that, but if he says it, it must be true!  In the comic Bechdel introduced what has come to be known as ‘The Bechdel Test’. It says to ask yourself three questions about the film you are watching.

  • Does it have at least two named women in it? (Wife and Mistress!)
  • Do they talk to each other?  (Of course!)
  • About something other than a man? (They exchange recipes!)

Well I must leave you now, my dear husband doesn’t know that I’ve taught myself to read, write and access the internet so I must be off to finish dinner before he arrives home or a beating will surely follow!  In my absents, enjoy the video informing you on many of your favorite movies!

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Gandalf the Fresh…


Authors Note: The picture isn’t entirely relevant, but it’s fucking awesome.Moving on. We here at NB love you and we know you’re probably a lush, so here’s just a little bit of fun for you on this drunken Friday night/hungover Saturday afternoon. This video comes from the Youtube channel of one HunterDavis. Hunter does a SPOT ON  Ian McKellen impression. Does he recite lines from Lord of the Rings? No. Does he play the role of Magneto? Too easy. He takes on Sir Ian McKellen doing the opening to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. A few of the lyrics are either accidentally off or he thought “Fuck it, I’m Sir Ian McKellen I’ll do whatever I like!” Honestly I would too. If I were McKellen I’d go around slapping people with in the face with my multi-million dollar dick and they would thank me. Enjoy the video my little alcoholic friends.

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In Memorium


As Zach reported, Patrick “the Pancreas” Swayze has passed on.

What do these have to do with nerdbastards?  Well the nerd part was the photoshopping.  The bastard part…  you’ll see.,nerdbastards,crystal contempt,crystal,patrick swayze,swayze,ghost,nerdbastards,crystal contempt,crystal,patrick swayze,swayze,dirty dancing,nerdbastards,patrick swayze

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ROFLcopter, meet your match. LOLuftwaffe.

LOL Swastika Tattoo


I first saw this a few days ago, and have since been trying to decide whether this is just amazing, or amazingly bad.


First, I thought it was the single most brilliant tattoo I’d ever seen.  But after spending some time thinking about it I’ve decided that it sucks.  Not because it’s blatantly insensitive (that’s what makes it so funny), but because the guy donning it has a nipple ring, and I’ve never met a dude with a nipple ring that wasn’t a complete and total douchebag.  You know I’m right.



deaddog via geekologie