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This week on The Bastardcast: Jason and Jeremy return from their tour of Yo Momma to talk about the big drama surrounding a little bit of peen in Saga #12, a Game of Thrones fan’s Craigslist enabled sexy time fantasy, and world renowned sugar-tit enthusiast Mel Gibson’s possible directorial return for The Expendables vs. The Macabees: A Time Travel Adventure, aka Expendables 3.

Also on the show: Would you have sex with a robot? 9% of you would according to a new poll and apparently 50% of our adventurous hosts would as well. So, yeah, we’ll be dedicating some time to discuss Cylon banging.

We’ll also tackle the sale Shatner’s phaser, the return of Carrie Kelley to Batman comics, the departure of Microsoft’s former creative director and chief gamer pisser off-er, the sacrificial lamb that is Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Warner Bros. big DC movie plans, TV’s favorite couple (TEAM KADEEM!), and Jeremy and Jason try to figure out why Jodie Foster is rocking a smart pantsuit 140 years into the future in the somewhat District 9-y Elysium trailer.

All that and a lyrical ode to Axel Rose’ bulge on… The Bastardcast.

rangerThe Bastardcast: Nucking Futs and horrendously bad at spelling.

lone ranger

And now, because you really can’t wait for the movie to come out and have the need to see as much of it beforehand as possible, we here at Nerd Bastards present the latest international trailer for The Lone Ranger.

Complete with Japanese voice-over, this new minute and thirty seconds offers up some footage that you may actually not have seen yet.  Check it out:

Check out Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp in The Lone Ranger when the full movie hits screens come July 3rd.


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

super bowl image

This year’s big football game thing is going on right now, and the adverts are rife with movie trailers this year.  But why bother with having to wait through all the kicking and throwing of balls when you can just check out the trailers all in one spot at your leisure?  We here at Nerd Bastards, in our dedication to making your life easier, have gathered them together and present them in one, easily-found location.  Check em out after the jump.


long ranger poster

Summer is coming and with it comes an army of movies, all seeking to make tons of money and perhaps even entertain audiences while doing it.  One of these movies, The Lone Ranger is gearing up with a new round of marketing, despite a lukewarm reception from potential viewers thus far.

First and foremost, there is a new poster, which you can see above.  It’s okay, you can scroll back and take a look at it if you want.  I’ll wait.

The second, and a much bigger marketing move, is an amazingly expensive 90-second Super Bowl spot that Disney purchased.  Apparently, this tiny bit of time cost in the neighborhood of $12 million!  That’s only about 5% of the movie’s total budget… wtf?

But supposedly a lot of people watch the super-ball-foot-game, a fact that Disney is hoping will turn the tide of opinion around on their rebooted cowboys and Indians franchise.  So if you happen to be there on the Super Bowl day, check out the new trailer when it airs sometime between the passings of balls and the kickings of goals.

Or just wait around until the entire movie hits screens on July 3rd.


Thanks to GeekTyrant for the heads-up.

A full trailer for the long troubled Lone Ranger reboot should be released soon. Till then Walt Disney Pictures has decided to release a small taste of whats to come via ABC. Good Morning America had the honor of being the first morning chat/news show to awkwardly joke about Johnny Depp wearing a bird for a hat plus give us the low down on the mask that Armie Hammer wears as the titular character. Did you know that it was felt on the old TV show but now leather for the movie?

I am off to go update Wikipedia, while I do that you enjoy the clip after the jump. Fair warning, it is straight from ABC so stop it after a minute lest you be exposed to the latest gossip about Taylor Swift and Harry Styles. Looks like she is going to Yoko Ono the band One Direction. I’ll update that wiki too.



The Lone Ranger’s return to film is underway, bringing together actors Armie Hammer as the titular Ranger and Johnny Depp as his trusty side-kick Tonto. And with the movie must come the marketing. This week we have for you a collection of photos from the shooting of the film along with the first poster. Enjoy.

The first trailer for the film is not far behind, expected to be up Wednesday night (that’s tomorrow if you’re reading this on time). So check back in a day for a more mobile visual representation of the film.

To see the entire film, however, you’ll have to wait for its release on July 3rd of 2013.

Thanks to comingsoon for the heads-up.

Disney’s new production of the Lone Ranger may not be the most anticipated movie of the coming year, but it’s one that’s definitely high-up on this Nerdbastard’s list.  Gore Verbinski (of Pirates of the Caribbean fame) is directing Johnny Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer as the titular character, along with a host of other great talent in supporting roles.

Depp’s gotten a bit of flak considering the way he’s choosing to portray the character of Tonto, particularly from Native American activist groups.  Now, a video from the set shows Depp in (mostly) full make-up and gear, being interviewed by none other than Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly.

Note: The audio is crap.  Not our fault!

So what do the Nerdreaders think?  Is Depp’s portrayal a step backwards or just Johnny being… well, Johnny?

Look for Lone Ranger in theaters May 31st, 2013.


Thanks to blastr for the heads-up.

In what may be either a very smart or very suicidal business move, Dreamworks Animation has just dropped a $150 million bid to grab up Classic Media and all its artistic properties.  CM is currently owner of the rights to such well-known names as Casper the Friendly Ghost, Dick Tracy, He-Man, Archie, Voltron, Gumby, Felix the Cat, Veggie Tales, Lassie, Where’s Waldo and the Lone Ranger.

At first glance, this would seem a bonanza of tried-and-true characters that could make Dreamworks a pile of cash.  The purchase, however, is a little more complicated than that, being that none of the titles carry with them their television or film rights.

Classic Media currently makes hundreds-of-millions by licensing these properties.  Dreamworks may be looking at holding on to the rights for the express purpose of renting them out later to other companies that wish to turn the titles into movies or television shows (and the subsequent toys or other marketing deals that inevitably follow).  Or they could possibly have some other purchases lined up for the future.  Either way, the company is dropping some big cash.

At the very least, this puts a spotlight on some old classic media and gives rise to the question of whether we may be looking at a new He-Man flick or a Voltron adaptation in the near future.


Thanks to geektyrant for the heads-up.

San Diego Comic-Con, home of the mass-spamming of footage from every movie coming out for the next year, dropped another tidbit on fans – some scenes from Disney’s upcoming Lone Ranger film.

This new take on an old classic is being directed by Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean) and stars Armie Hammer as the Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp as his Native American sidekick, Tonto.

First opinions of the clip suggest that it’s a darker and more serious film than many expected, especially considering the pairing of Verbinski and Depp.  While we at Nerdbastards were not lucky enough to sit in on the presentation, we did find a nice description of the footage via Entertainment Weekly.

Amid scenes of the transcontinental railroad coming together in the mid-1860s, we hear the voice of Tom Wilkinson, playing an unspecified character – who clearly sounds megalomaniacal. “From the time of Alexander the Great, no man could travel faster than the horse that carried him. … Not anymore. … Imagine time and space under the mastery of man — power that makes emperors and kings look like fools. … Whoever controls this, controls the future.”

It’s hard to piece together much plot from the clips shown, but we see Armie Hammer as the title character, looking disheveled and intense. There’s a bit of gunslinging, and we see Depp’s white-and-black painted Native American warrior hanging beneath a moving train as he uncouples one of the cars.

Helena Bonham Carter turns up in elegant gentlewoman’s finery, and we see a bit of blood splashing on the ground, and some massive train accidents.

Normally I’m not a big cowboy movie kinda guy, but reading this actually makes me a little excited about the film.

Barring unforeseen complications, Lone Ranger is set to open in theaters May 31st of next year.


Thanks to EW for the look-see.