Lord Voldemort

Sounds like a “What If…?” concept, especially if you read Christ-like allegories into Harry Potter’s biography, but it seems that in the latest installment of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series, Century 2009, includes a reference to The Boy Who Lived, and in true League style, turns the character on his head.

Century 2009 will be released this week, and Independent critic Laura Sneddon has given details on why and how the Potter pastiche turned up in the story:

At no point does Moore use the words “Harry” or “Potter”, but a magical train hidden between platforms at King’s Cross station, leading to a magical school where there are flashbacks of psychotic adolescent rage and whimpering children pleading for their life, all strewn with molten corpses, does rather suggest a link to the Boy Who Lived. A hidden scar and a mentor named Riddle, though possessed as he is by the real villain, completes the picture.

So Antichrist Potter goes to Bizarro Hogwarts where Voldemort is his mentor? That’s messed up, Alan Moore. According to Sneddon, the depiction is “a commentary on a perceived degradation of society, both in our world and the fictional … originality is visibly dwindling, while major franchises and celebrity biographies are relentlessly pushed upon us.”

So what’s Moore trying to say here? If we’re to reach for some trivia, Comics Beat reminds us that Moore featured an original character named “Harold Potter” in his 1991 book Lost Girls, a full six years before the first Harry Potter novel was published.

But could there be something more cynical afoot? The movie rights to Harry Potter are owned by Warner Bros, who also owns DC Comics, home of Moore’s Watchmen and its hated new prequel Before Watchmen. Could Moore be taking a swipe at his old boss? That maybe stretching.

Still, this affair probably won’t do much to quell calls of hypocrisy against Moore since he’s more than happy to use and abuse (maybe?) other people’s characters for his benefit.

Let the debate begin! Tell us what you guys think below.

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Every fandom has a wicked, kinky side. Often in fanfiction and fanart, fans will imagine some downright dirty hijinks for our favorite characters. And then sometimes these works of fiction leave the hands of the fans and get into the hands of the actors who bring these characters to life on screen, and everything gets awkward.

Thanks to Bravo‘s late night, interactive talk show, Watch What Happens Live and its host Andy Cohen we have footage of Lord Voldemort himself, Ralph Fiennes uncomfortably reciting some dirty lines from a Harry Potter fanfiction called, “Broken Innocence.”


Clearly Fiennes is disturbed. Probably because when he, like most of us, think of Harry we think of Daniel Radcliffe. Someone Fiennes has known since Radcliffe was a kid. CREEPY.

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Oh, you know this cat is pissed to be dressed as an Ewok. I mean really, Emperor Palpatine would have been a better fit. (Nerd Approved)



Not to be out done by Harry Potter and friends, the Death Eaters have released their own video “We’re the Death Eaters” in response to the popular rap video “Straight outta Hogwarts.”

What do you think? Did Voldemort put the musical stank on Potter? I kept looking at the guy dressed up as Bellatrix Lestrange. I’m still struggling with how much I wanted Helena Bonham Carter in The Kings Speech to break into a Bellatrix type rant. Seeing that dude dressed up as her is just wrong, it’s gonna really screw with my “Personal Me Time.”

For those of you that have not seen the Potter Rap you can check it out after the jump along with a “making of” video for Death Eaters.



Because stamps, like bow ties, are cool. The Royal Mail released images of the upcoming stamps earlier this week. The series will feature “the world’s most famous wizards, witches and enchanters.” Included are characters from Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia and the Athurian legends.

It’s a great group but I can’t help but notice these magic bearers are all distinctly English. Hmm, so much for world’s famous. Maybe they were inferring these characters are famous the world over, which they are. But it would be cool to see wizards from the world over. Oh well, I should just shut my mouth and enjoy these stamps because they’re real beauties. My favorite? Morgan Le Fay, I love me a woman who can strike fear in an entire kingdom. See the whole set below the jump.

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He may have no ears or a nose and is a dead ringer to he who shall not be named; Lord Voldermort, but is this cat any really different compared to his film double? Lord Voldermort is a bigger pussy, he can’t even kill a kid, he needs his litter to do that for him. This cat lost its ears and nose to skin cancer and may resemble his magic capable twin but he still has a heart of gold. Known by many as Charlie, he’s original owners abandoned him and he is now up for adoption.

My other wand’s a ball of string



Think of the baddest of bad guys in the science fiction genre … but who is the baddest of the bad?

In the left corner: the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader from Star Wars … and in the right corner, the Dark Lord of the Dark Arts, Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter!

Forget a battle to the death, as those have been SO overdone. There is only one sure-fire way to determine who is the best at being the worst … A CHART (courtesy of Smoosh.com)!

Check out the chart below the jump. Do you agree with the ultimate winner?