Lori Petty

Of course, that’s not to dismiss the idea of a female Joker. No, in fact it was done in Alex Ross’ Kingdom Come. But let us stop and roll our eyes as Gotham once again goes back to the Joker well after introducing Cameron Monaghan‘s Jerome last season, killing him off in the first few episodes of this season, and implying that the animus of the Clown Prince of Crime is some kind of mental virus that’s catching throughout pre-Batman Gotham City. So in that spirit, on next week’s episode of the show, we’ll meet Jeri played by Lori Petty. Guess who she wants to be when she grows up… (more…)


Say what you want about Gotham, but it’s certainly not shy about bringing in new people, even though it has a couple of people listed in the main cast who have barely put in an appearance at all this season (*cough*HarveyDent*cough*). With no Gotham to watch until the end of February, all we have to do right now is collect these new casting announcements, and coming to the show in it’s 14th episode is a new character to be played by Lori Petty. She’ll play a club owner with a secondary interest in criminality, but will Petty be playing an established DC Comics villain on the DL? Possibly. (more…)