LOST unanswered questions

FINALLY, A Unified Theory for LOST?


Every single fan of the television show Lost had a lot of expectations going into the final season, and many loosed ends were tied up. But, very frustratingly, countless more loose ends were left dangling with no real resolution.

This has left the fans to create their own plausible explanations for everything that happened on the island, and some of the theories can be a little out there. And yet, some do fall within the realm of possibility, like the one created by a fan named That John Locke.

The explanation, which is surprisingly well thought out and intricate, is very complicated. And yet, it does seem to answer some of the more fundamental question about the show- such as what is the island? What are Jacob and the Smoke Monster? etc…


LOST Unanswered Questions…and Farts.


As I’ve said before I jumped off the LOST boat in the first season. I am glad I did. A shitton of videos have surfaced  in reference to the finale (as well as anger, depression and mass suicide) So first we present you with a video from our friends at College Humor The Unanswered Questions of LOST.

Anyone else have a headache? I got 3:30 into that and couldn’t do anymore. Holy shit how did you people do that for 6 FUCKING YEARS?! There aren’t even any boobs in that show to keep you coming back!

Okay I can’t do that again. So as a person who didn’t watch LOST I feel I am in a perfect position to tell you what it was lacking. One word….Farts. Yep, Farts and what do you know? Ask and ye shall receive! I give you now LOST WITH FARTS!

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