Louis C.K.


The announcement that 20th Century Fox was willing to bet on the fan excitement over Neill Blomkamp‘s Alien art project came as kind of a shocking. Welcoming news for sure, but kind of surprising. At this point though, any tangible news about Blomkamp’s Alien counts only as idle speculation, but that’s not to say that we shouldn’t expect people to start coming out of the woodwork to lay their claim to a piece of it. Enter Louis CK. That Louis CK? Yes, the comedian, through a very trusted source, has let the world know that not only is he interested in appearing in the new Alien movie, but he has a very specific role in mind for himself. (more…)

The past year has been a bumpy road for Community fans, but many thought the light at the end of the tunnel for a fourth season, (Even after the show creator’s (Dan Harmon) unhappy exit from the show) was getting brighter only to find it was just another NBC train wreck waiting to roar out of the tunnel and crush fans hopes and dreams.

NBC and the current show-runners, David Guarascio and Moses Port, are still insisting that everything is hunky dory and fans will get their fourth season, but nobody knows when that will be. The show was supposed to move to Friday night on October 19th, (Another fine example of NBC’s inability to stop mishandling the show.) but now word is out that NBC has delayed that season start date.

Where’s that leave Community fans? It’s called NBC Shit Creek and it will air sometime, somewhere, because most likely NBC will steal that show idea of mine and create NBC Shit Creek, starring the cast of Whitney.


FX announced that it is delaying the return of Louie from the summer of 2013 to spring 2014. FX president and GM John Landgraf announced that Louis C.K. has requested and received an extended hiatus between the recently completed third and the upcoming fourth season.

“Louie has continued to raise the bar and recharge his batteries. I don’t think there’s anyone else in business who’s produced, starred, directed and edited all but seven episodes … I’m not surprised he needs a bit of a break,”

Hot off his Emmy wins Louis C.K. can write his own ticket, much like he does for all his projects these days. Although I hate to have to wait, the guy does deserve a break. I’d rather see that then have him burn out and produce something much less than his best work.

What can we watch in the meantime? You tell me what I should watch while waiting for Louie to return in the comments section below.