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2010’s The Wolfman starring Benicio Del Toro was a glossy, good-looking production that never fully delivered on its promise of resurrecting one of pop culture’s OMs (original monsters) for a modern audience. Universal Pictures debated trying again with another reboot.  THR reports however,  that Universal has given up on the potentially epic franchise, as their next Wolfman will be a straight to DVD production.

This version began shooting in Bucharest, Romania today and will be directed by Louis Morneau, who previously helmed Joy Ride II and Hitcher II: I’ve Been Waiting.

Here’s the long-winded press release (aka Universal’s manifesto on how to mishandle a franchise)

There’s no safe place to hide as the all-new supernatural Untitled Werewolf Thriller begins principal photography in and around Bucharest, Romania. Universal celebrates its storied history of creatures and horror with an exhilarating original adventure that embraces the popular cultural resurgence of the age-old werewolf myth. Breathtaking action and nail-biting suspense collide as an army of bounty hunters descend on a tiny hamlet in search of the most terrifying monster they have ever fought. The latest entry in the hugely successful DVD Originals™ line from Universal 1440 Entertainment, a production entity of Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Untitled Werewolf Thriller will be released on Blu-ray™, DVD, Digital Download and On Demand in time for Halloween 2012.

“Universal introduced the movie-going public to the ‘creature feature’ more than a half century ago,” said Glenn Ross, General Manager and Executive Vice President, Universal 1440 Entertainment. “Today, audiences are once again enthralled by supernatural creatures in books, on television and in movies. Audiences young and old will enjoy this completely new take on a timeless story that is an essential part of Universal’s legacy.”

Here is the synopsis..

“The movie amps up the action and the werewolf count with a tale set in an unnamed 19th century European village where a werewolf attack draws bounty hunters, thrill seekers and charlatans. A young man studying under a local doctor joins a team of bounty hunters but “it soon becomes clear that this creature is stronger, smarter and more dangerous than anything they have faced before. As casualties mount and villagers see their neighbors transformed into ravening monsters, the townsfolk take up arms against each other to find the true identity of the werewolf.”

The full cast are: Stephen Rea (The Crying Game), Steven Bauer (Scarface), Ed Quinn (True Blood) and Nia Peeples (Pretty Little Liars), along with Guy Wilson, Adam Croasdell and Rachel DiPillo.

Way to ruin a potentially epic franchise. Dicks!

Source: THR

Wolfman Reboot Gets New Title and New Director

Most everyone knows this, but if you’re a cultural clunk then take note that 2010’s The Wolfman sucked hairy ass (no pun intended). A glossy, good-looking production that never fully delivered on its promise of resurrecting one of the great movie monsters for a modern audience. Which is why tt’s being taken out back and shot with a silver bullet, as it’s been revealed that the remake will be getting the reboot treatment. Yea, you heard the right. A reboot of a remake. Hollywood hootenanny at it’s finest.

The reworked script for Universal, written by Michael Tabb, has become a stand-alone feature simply titled Werewolf. Originally leaked by Moviehole this new movie will be closer to the original 1941 George Waggner film rather than the Joe Johnston directed slip-up . And just pray-tell will be directing this horror of horrors? Universal has stamped it’s approval on Louis Morneau. Who?

If the name Morneau doesn’t ring a bell thats because his previous credits include Joy Ride 2 : Dead Ahead, The Hitcher II : I’ve Been Waiting, Bats and Retroactive. Suffice to say, Universal is taking a big risk on this one. I’m certainly not getting my hopes up. You’ll find me frequently checking the $5.99 bin at Walmart.

Via: Comic Book Movie