Hey gaming nerds, this shitty hand-cam footage, from the Tokyo Game Show,  is actually the new One Piece video game.

Cripes, that video quality shit. Whoever shot this, is clearly the one person left on the planet who doesn’t have and HD camera. Eh, at least he/she kept the camera steady.  Typically, in these kinds of cell-phone boot legs, there’s more hand bouncing than at game of Jenga at Michael J. Fox’s house. So… thank god for that.

Regardess, this is by far one of the flashiest games seen all year. Taking a queue from massive melee combat hit Dynasty Warriors, this game gives you endless streams of baddies to fight, all while blending it that weird/ “what the f@$#!” factor only Japan can deliver. I imagine it will please One Piece fans everywhere.

Via: Topless Robot


One Piece is an extremely popular series over in Japan and it’s an anime about pirates. It may also be the only show I know that had its fans cry because of the death of the crew’s first ship. Anyway, like any action shonen, the show has its characters with some unique fighting abilities. Most of them acquired their ability by eating the mysterious Devil Fruit. Of course, they lose the ability to swim by eating one of these and that isn’t a good thing for a pirate but it’s a small price to pay for the power one gains from it. With these fruits, people can either become some sort a superhuman, an animal hybrid, or have a power of  a natural element. Check after the jump to see just some of these ridiculous abilities being used awesomely.