One of the great successes of Captain America: The Winter Soldier is that it managed to continue to build the Marvel Cinematic Universe without really drawing attention to it. Instead, it managed to expand the scope of the Marvel-related films, introduce new characters familiar to comic book readers, and challenged the characters we already had met with a shocking truth the upset everything they thought they knew. In essence, Winter Soldier continued building the world by essentially destroying a pretty big piece of it. Delivering such a gobsmack was a big risk that turned into an even bigger reward for Cap 2 directors Anthony and Joe Russo, whose success with the film was evident in the way that Marvel awarded them the helm for Captain America 3 before The Winter Soldier even opened last April. In a new interview, the Brothers Russo made it clear that they’re not about to rest on the laurels, and are prepping another big game change for the MCU in part 3. (more…)

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Above: All the awards. Every single one of them, go to this man, because there will never be a better costume. Ever. [Fashionably Geek]


People seem to have a habit of associating big heads with big intelligence, and the world of comic books is certainly no exception.  While some individual heroes and villains are lucky enough to only have to give up their hair for added brain-power, some of them are stuck with gigantic melons which will forever impair their ability to get a proper date or successfully navigate narrow doorways.  In fact, many of these poor bastards are pretty much nothing but head.

To their credit, however, comic-books would be much less colorful without them poking their giant noses into other people’s affairs.  So, without further ado, here are 10 of the most abnormally immense craniums that writers and artists have blessed the world with throughout the years.



It’s been said that the greatness of a hero can only be measured by the nasty qualities of their villains. Captain America has a wide selection of nefarious villains to choose from; Red Skull leads the pack, but some of the other lesser known villains, as well as Captain America’s supporting cast, really deliver the action and intrigue that Captain America fans love.

When news of the Captain America movie started making the rounds at conventions and the Internet, comic book store conversations centered on casting and story lines. No one was arguing that Red Skull would not be in the film; that was a given. The best conversations and forum musings, though, were what supporting heroes and villains would make the movie cut. Everyone has their favorites: Sharon Carter, Union Jack, Nick Fury, The Falcon, Baron Zemo, M.O.D.O.K., Baron Blood and Baron Von Strucker to just name a few off the top of my head.

Rick Marshall of MTV recently sat down with Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, the screenwriters for the upcoming Captain America film. Click through the jump to read some interesting excerpts from the interview on what supporting characters made the cut and which might show up in later movies, then let NerdBastards know what supporting character YOU want to see in the Captain America movie or the inevitable sequel.
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