Machinima is that wonderful place where gaming and film come together to make cinematic magic outside traditional Hollywood outlets. Whether it’s Mortal Kombat Legacy, Halo Forward Onto Dawn, or Sonic For Hire, this little slice of YouTube is always outputting top quality videos and acclaimed webseries (both live action and animated) that otherwise wouldn’t exist by other means. It’s projects for fans by fans (with some smart money and capable hands), and the hits just keep on coming.

Always known for videos made from the cinematic engines of video games, this not-so-small online production company is venturing out to other cinematic initiatives. Among a couple of DC-related series and a rather out of left field effort from Clive Barker, comes a proposed Robocop series, which will show us first person action from the view of the title law enforcer.

Read more about the RoboCop web series, and all the other new projects on Machinima’s slate. (more…)


The Justice League is goin’ dark! No, this is not another non-story about how Guillermo del Toro still wants to make a movie based on Justice League Dark in the midst of his exceptionally busy schedule, and no, this is not a reference to the Zack Snyder live-action Justice League movie that’s supposed to follow-up 2016’s Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Nope, in this instance we’re looking to the animated realm, and a new limited series called Justice League: Gods & Monsters Chronicles which will lead up to the 2015 release of Justice League: Gods & Monsters, a new animated film from an original script by Alan Burnett.  And yes, sources say that this new JL is going to have a darker spin than past incarnations. Yay? (more…)


Street Fighter is one the oldest, longstanding and popular video game franchises of all time. Spanning a succession of game titles, animated series, comic books and various action figures. The one thing, however, that most fans choose to forget are the two really shitty live-action films – Street Fighter (1994) starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li (2009) starring Kristin Kreuk. Just thinking about those god awful films will make at SF fan squirm. It makes you wonder if the property could every translate well to film.

Well, the fine folks at Machinima are trying to rectify the sins of the past with their new online web series Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist. The first trailer for the series just hit, and it truly does look like the best adaption on screen to date. Check out the trailer below and see if you’re convinced.  (more…)

Kevin Tancharoen envisioned his short, Mortal Kombat: Rebirth, with a Hollywood adaptation in mind. While Warner Bros. didn’t quite see it his way, they did fund what eventually became known as the first season of Mortal Kombat: Legacy. The highly successful web series blends the supernatural with a realistic re-imagining of the Mortal Kombat franchise. And we’ve got the first look at season two!

The second season of Mortal Kombat: Legacy started filming back in December and nobody has seen a thing, but thanks to Ian Anthony Dale, who plays Scorpion in both Legacy and Rebirth, we have our first look at the cast in full costume. Check out all your nerd dreams coming true after the jump.


Finally, we can have a definite answer to which is the superior Batmobile thanks to Super Power Beat Down, a new webseries from Machinima that seems to be some sorta of Mythbusters meets stuff I have thought about since I was six.

The first episode pits the classic George Barris design from the 60’s TV show against the sleek and iconic road demon from the 1989 Tim Burton blockbuster in a good old fashion street race. Host Marisha Ray  lets two comic geeks (Damian Beurer from The Comic Book Nerd and Andy Liegl from debate, then we get the specs on each car and then? They RACE!

For my money, George Barris Batmobile wins. Always. In All ways.

Hit the jump to watch, email me to place bets. ( does not condone or promote gambling, wagers will not be honored.)


Comic-con is pretty much the Olympics of the convention season for Nerds everywhere. Now you can throw in an Olympic-style torch relay in costume to Comic-Con . . . complete with light sabers.

George Lucas announced he is backing “Course of the Force,” a “Star Wars” themed race from Santa Monica to San Diego’s Comic-Con, with 500 participants walking or running quarter-mile legs to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Instead of a torch, participants will carry a “Course of the Force”-branded light saber supplied by Lucasfilm.

The event, which is being announced tonight on NBC’s “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” is the brainchild of Nerdist Industries’ Peter Levin and Chris Hardwick, who are co-producing it with sports marketing and events firm Octagon and entertainment dot-com Machinima.

Levin, CEO of Nerdist, came up with the idea last fall after realizing that, other than speculation over what companies will present at Comic-Con, there was a dearth of announcements leading up to the fanboy fest, providing marketers with a chance to take advantage of the buzz leading up to the show in a unique way.

Levin also wanted to spotlight a charity at a time when it’s increasingly difficult to generate attention.

“Everyone wants to wait to spend their messaging equity at the show,” and announce projects, said Levin, who has attended 17 Comic-Cons. “But once Comic-Con takes place, it’s difficult to rise above the noise in San Diego. You get drowned out.”

Levin approached Nerdist founder and chief creative officer Hardwick, with whom he merged his growing pop-culture newsletter GeekChicDaily last summer.

Hardwick has been a fixture at Comic-Con for years with his live podcast shows and roles moderating panels for AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory” and “Doctor Who” screenings.

My immediate reaction was, ‘Why wouldn’t you do this?’ and ‘Why hasn’t this been done before?’?”

Hardwick said, adding that

“Comic-Cons were the only safe havens for nerd culture to celebrate openly and dress in costume without fear of being laughed at or made fun of. ‘Course of the Force’ is the yellow brick road to Oz. That’s really what it is. Not only are we celebrating within the (San Diego) convention center but we’re celebrating just getting to the convention center.”

Lucasfilm signed on to support the event, scheduled to take place July 7th through the 11th before Comic-Con kicks off on July 12, after Levin and Hardwick approached the company last fall.

“When you tell people about it, it isn’t hard to sell at all,”

Hardwick said. Naturally, it helped that Make-A-Wish Foundation would benefit; the charitable organization will receive 100% of the event’s proceeds.

“Fans have demonstrated an amazing ability to combine their love of ‘Star Wars’ with a commitment to helping others,”

said Kayleen Walters, senior director of marketing for Lucasfilm.

“The ‘Course of the Force’ light saber run is a worthy cause we can all get behind” because it “combines fitness with helping others, principles that aspiring Jedi Knights can embrace. We have long supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and this is a great opportunity to raise funds and awareness while letting Star Wars fans celebrate their favorite saga.”

Drew Carey, Jim Gaffigan and the Finnish Dudeson Vikings already have committed to take part in “Course of the Force” and wear costumes of their favorite “Star Wars” characters.

While the race will wrap with a party and live podcast at San Diego’s Balboa Theater the day before Comic-Con officially begins, event happenings will be documented online with simultaneous coverage on YouTube channels and websites run by Nerdist and Machinima.

Each leg will be feted with “Star Wars”-themed parties, contests and live Nerdist shows capping off each day with celebrity guests. Participants will receive a customized Hasbro “Star Wars” Ultimate FX lightsaber.

Levin and Hardwick already have their sights set on growing “Course of the Force” next year by expanding the route of the race to start in San Francisco from Skywalker Ranch, outside San Francisco.

“Logistically, Octagon said let’s get this first one under our belt and execute it really well,”

Levin said. Octagon is the sports and entertainment marketing arm of Interpublic and has managed official Olympic torch relays in the past.

For the first year, however, a video will be lensed at Lucas’ ranch and distributed virally “to generate momentum” for “Course of the Force,” Levin said.

“It’s the kind of thing we’d like to expand but we need to nail in year one,” Levin added. “We do want this to become a fixture in the lexicon of pop culture. Anything we can do to extend the San Diego Comic-Con experience and do something positive along the way is truly one of these win-wins for everyone kind of event.”

There are sure to be more Hollywood stars signing on as this news hits the Internet, who would you like to see holding that saber high while trotting toward Comic con?

The infinite amount of videos available on the web can make a person feel like they don’t have enough eyeballs on their face to ingest the Youtube, Collegehumor, and viral videos available. But today, we’re making it one step easier for you, we ‘ve just received word of what looks to be the best of all your zombie wet-dreams put into an animated web-series. “Zombie Murder Explosion Die!”, built by the creative minds at Sonic Bunny Productions this web-series is said to feature all the things we love about the zombie apocalypse and takes out all the chit chat that we don’t.

This trailer, released as part of the line-up of web-series’ set to feature this season, seems portray the show as a parody and over-dramatizes the zombie-apocalypse in a way that makes it more comical than scary. The show’s plot synopsis is as follows:

“ZMED guarantees each of the things in its title in every episode! Zombies, Murder, Explosions, and Death!
Lots and lots of zombie death! What’s not to like, right?

The series follows our tech-addicted teens as they epically fail their way through a zombie apocalypse. We have no idea how these guys are surviving cause zombies are mean motherf*ckers! And our guys have no survival skills…well, except for Jack.” –

The first episode of the series is set for release, February 6th. So take a look at this new video if you have the chance, seeing as The Walking Dead won’t be back on until February 12th this show will give you something else to crave your zombie needs.

Live-Action Halo Film Under Way?

The Halo movie, that that of The Hobbit (which actually just started filming recently), has been stuck in development hell for many years.

But, fans may begin holding their breath once again, as new pictures have surfaced online on the Facebook page. Machinima is the website currently airing the Mortal Kombat: Legacy webseries, so could it be they’ve snagged another hot property?

Now, no other details have been given yet. So, it could be another project akin to the Mortal Kombat: Rebirth short film, which was used to drum up studio interest in the franchise.

Check out the pictures below and give us your thoughts on what this mysterious Halo project could be.