Mad Max Fury Road

It’s been stressful for this NerdBastard today (My dog had to have surgery) and sometimes we all just need something to brighten our day. Surprisingly, this mashup of Stanley Kramer‘s It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World and George Miller‘s Mad Mad: Fury Road is just the thing to shine a little light and humor where needed. Vimeo user Monkey Blood had created an incredible trailer that needs to be seen. (more…)


Mad Max: Fury Road was released last summer to a practical landslide of critical acclaim that it rode all the way into awards season, where it more or less swept the technical categories of this year’s Oscars. Not bad for director George Miller, whose last two films were about dancing animated penguins, and whose last action movie credit before that was Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome three decades earlier. But critics and those that bestow awards weren’t the only ones impressed with Miller’s acumen in Fury Road, so was the original Mad Max himself, Mel Gibson. Gibson offered his praise and appreciation for Miller’s talent in a recent interview. (more…)


Talk about a dead pool! Yes, as proof of his cultural assimilation, Deadpool was been nominated for eight MTV Movie Awards as announced this morning by the so-called Music Television. Only Star Wars: The Force Awakens did better with 11 nominations, but both films will face-off against Avengers: Age of Ultron, Creed, Jurassic World, and Straight Outta Compton for Movie of the Year when Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart host the 2016 awards show next month. And on top of the usual categories like “Best Fight” and “Best Kiss”, MTV is also injecting some reality into this year’s program. Want the full list of nominees? Look below. (more…)


Today in Hollywood, it was Christmas morning. Well, if there was a day where your parents gave you a list of all the possible presents you might receive on Christmas morning, it would be more like that, but since the metaphor is getting labored let’s focus on one word: Oscars. The nominations for the 88th Academy Awards were announced this morning with all the usual revelry and anticipation followed by hand-wringing over snubs and lack of diversity represented. But for better or worse, revealed below, are the cold hard facts and the contestants for this year’s Oscars. (more…)

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As the new year begins, we take one final look back at 2015 to identify once and for all what the best nerdy movies of 2015 were. Despite our complaints about Hollywood’s lack of originality, or its overdependence on franchises or previously established intellectual properties, this is still not an easy list to tabulate; in the year 2015, there were more than enough contenders to make two Top 10 lists. Since we’re in the business of playing favorites, however, 10 and only 10 could be chosen, and so we chose.

Making the cut this year were a fair number of sequels and spin-offs, but also a hardcore science-fiction film, an allegory-filled horror entry, a bloody western, a charming animated movie, a documentary, a mockumentary, and the only movie that took A.I. and all its implications seriously in a year full of killer, self-aware robots. Submitted for your approval, here are the Top 10 Films of 2015 (and the 5 Worst ones). (more…)


Mad Max: Fury Road wasn’t the biggest hit of the year, but it is one of the few summer blockbusters that is getting a lot of awards season buzz and several critics awards for Best Film of the Year. Now typically, when a movie released early in the year has a chance to win prizes in the Hollywood derby, it gets a proforma theatrical re-release, and rumors are circling that maybe Fury Road will be seen in cinemas again in the new year. The twist: it may be a black and white version of the film that George Miller apparently always wanted to make. (more…)


For that last 70 plus years, the National Board of Review has compiled an annual list of the best movies from each year. While the NBR’s list is not affiliated with the Academy Awards, the lists are often very similar. In fact, only twice over the last 15 years has the NBR’s Best Film of the Year not been nominated for the same Oscar. While the two are separate, the National Board of Review’s list is a good indication of how the Academy will vote for their awards in January. This year’s National Board list included a few surprises, and it declared Mad Max: Fury Road as the best film of 2015. (more…)

Next ‘Mad Max’ Might Have No Furiosa


As we head into the final two months of the year, we’ll be getting a glut of prestige pictures from the various studios and distributors as they try and make a run for Oscar glory. Still, it’s hard to imagine that no matter how good the films will be over the next 10-12 weeks, there will not be another action movie as intense as Mad Max: Fury Road. The nerd class loved Fury Road, and not just on a technical level. In a strange twist, Mad Max Rockatansky played by Tom Hardy was upstaged in a Mad Max movie by Imperator Furiosa played by Charlize Theron. Sadly though, it seems like there won’t be more Furiosa in Mad Max 5. (more…)


A reboot done right!   Mad Max: Fury Road is no stranger to rave reviews, thanks especially to the electric performances of stars Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, and Nicholas Hoult.  Imaginative landscapes and awe-inspiring world-building no doubt helped it along as well.  Everything about Mad Max: Fury Road was done so right, in fact, that besides swimming in critical acclaim and a massive theatrical run, the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI) has awarded it the organization’s annual Grand Prix, and selected it as the best film of 2015.