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As if you haven’t been following along, Doctor Who returns this weekend for the second half of its seventh season. (Psst, we threw together a collection of Doctor Who fan art in celebration. Fan art is cool.) With the season premiere practically upon us we’ve been inundated with Who news, like this new poster for “The Bells of Saint John,” above. Click it to check out the full version. In addition to the poster, the Beeb’s released an additional clip in where The Doctor (Matt Smith) makes a wardrobe change,

Of course he keeps his bow tie in a special box. Oh Doctor. Anyway, were you a little confused to see Sontaran Strax (Dan Starkey) reappear with Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh) and Jenny (Catrin Stewart) in last year’s Christmas special, “The Snowmen”? Yeah, me too, he died valiantly in battle – like any Sontaran would want – on Demons Run in “A Good Man Goes to War.” So, how’d he turn up in 19th century England? Hit the jump to find out!


Yesterday we had the first set pics from Doctor Who‘s upcoming Christmas Special, and today we’ve got a few more. It’s a better bunch as one, these photos actually feature the Doctor (Matt Smith), in an rather ridiculously large hat, plus what looks likes a wardrobe change for new companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman. What’s still unclear is does she originate from modern times or from the past? We’ve seen her wearing attire from both time periods, we just don’t know what she wore first! Guess this is what ya get for trying work out the complex storytelling of Steven Moffat from a handful of set pics and video.

Warning! Some of these images below may contain SPOILER-like material.

What do you think of Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh) and Jenny (Catrin Stewart) being in the second part of series seven? They appear to be not only in the Christmas Special but also the following episode, “The Crimson Horror,” which also seems to be set in the Victorian era. Think there may be some truth to that crazy rumor the Doctor’s new companion could have a lesbian relationship with Vastra?

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Only yesterday we were sharing a collection of set pics from the brilliant Ryan Farrell, who’s been all over the Doctor Who set gathering intel for internets. Today’s there’s a bit more to share about episode nine of season seven titled, “The Crimson Horror.”

Guess what? Plenty more spoilers here. Avoid if need be.

First we’ve got video of the Doctor (Matt Smith) and Jenny (Catrin Stewart), yes she is indeed reprising that same role, searching for his missing companion, Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman).

What can me made out of the dialogue is Jenny telling the Doctor, Clara is dead and that Mrs. Gillyflower (Dame Diana Rigg), the “ice lady” was responsible. The Doctor responds with saying it isn’t that simple and the “the process is reversible.” We’re also assuming this has something to do with the creepy factory in town, run by Mrs. Gillyflower, which we’ve just learned is a matches factory bearing the sign, “Brightwell and Hyman – Quality Matches.”

Hmm, what is writer Mark Gatiss planning?

Our second video shows the Doctor and Clara talking to, or maybe interrogating, Brendan Patricks‘ character, Edmund.

All right, so much of this has been confirmation of what we told you yesterday, here’s the newest  and most spoilery bit. Look who’s back,

Ah-ha! Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh) is returning, along with Jenny, and could very well be seen hookin’ up with Clara as the rumors suggest. Sure, she denied it in an earlier interview but she also denied her return to the show and look! She’s right there! Liar, liar, pants on fire…

And she isn’t the only returning alien. Does this guy look familiar?

It’s Dan Starkey, reprising his role as the Sontaran Strax, last seen as a nurse now it seems a butler.

There’s a lot of bits here to piece together, and if even if we did I’m sure we’d be completely wrong, but what do you think “The Crimson Horror” will be all about? And how about the return of Madama Vastra and Jenny?

Thanks again to Ryan Farell for doing the work of 10 Whovians, great job!

Source: Bleeding Cool

As always, the geek rumor mill has been working hard, this time to come up with some creative and sexy things to insert into the upcoming season 7 of Doctor Who.  As recently reported here on Nerdbastards (and pretty much everywhere else), there’s a story going around that the new companion, Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) is to be tied up in a lesbian storyline with the Silurian bad-ass Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh).  Turns out that McIntosh has no idea what anyone is talking about.

While the same-sex element would not be new to Doctor Who (Captain Jack, for example, made no qualms about his love of the penis), it looks like this time it’s just fanboy hopes and dreams trying to disrupt reality.  According to Neve’s twitter:

Just to say I have no idea WHAT the Star is talking about! No-one’s asked me…

As a matter of fact, McIntosh doesn’t appear to be making a return for Season 7 at all.  She was also quick to point out that the original rumor spawned from The Daily Star – which means people should probably have dismissed it before they even read it.

Sorry, kids.  No hot lesbian action with aliens in Doctor Who this season.  But you can always cross your fingers for Season 8.


Thanks to blastr for helping us to dismiss the rumor.

We know next to nothing about Doctor Who‘s newest companion, the possibly named-Clara played by Jenna-Louise Coleman. Grand Maester Steven Moffat is keeping mum about things, as usual, but what the Daily Star – I know, real reputable “news” source – is reporting might give us a little more insight.

Apparently, in the second half of season seven, the chunk airing in 2013, we’ll see the return of Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh) and she’ll be sporting a major crush on Clara. That’s right, the Doctor’s new companion might be a lesbian. That is she accepts Vastra’s affections, and who wouldn’t? I don’t know if you remember the Silurian, but she was awesome and kicked much ass in the season six episode,”A Good Man Goes to War.” She and her girlfriend, Jenny, were seen living in Victorian London before answering the Doctor’s call to arms. They were so popular despite their little screen time fans demanded the pair get their own spinoff, which sadly never happened.

“Moffat loves to shake up the show,” an anonymous source told the Daily Star. “What better way than a lesbian storyline.”

What better way, indeed. I love the idea and hope it’s true, though I will miss Jenny. If Clara does accept Vastra’s affections it’s unlikely she’ll also have a thing for the Doctor, which will be a very welcome change of pace. Basically, if this lesbian plot line gets Madame Vastra back on Doctor Who, I’m all for it. What do you think?

Source: The List via Blastr