Having bought the screen rights to Mel Brooks’ World War Z back in 2007, the production company owned by Angelina Jolie and Brad PittPlan B productions — has started its production of the film adaptation. Filming began earlier this week in Malta, doubling as Israel, where Pitt plays the fictional¬†Max Brooks, an agent of the United Nations Postwar Commission, who is gathering personal accounts 10 years after the “Great Panic”. On-set photos are finally popping up as shooting continues until the 9th, when they move the set to Glasgow, Scotland.

The sets have been really well thought out by Pitt and his company, creating a border crossing complete with dozens of extras, both playing the living and the dead.

Pitt, himself, was also on set filming along with his near reflection — known as his stunt double. Look at those two and be amazed! Being a responsible father as well, Pitt even brought sons Maddox and Pax to watch a few explosions. Best. Dad. Ever.



So today I wake up, which already puts me in a terrible mood, ¬†load some of my favorite computer news sites, and everything on those sites is basically related to Apple. Apple… really? They apparently came out with a cool mouse, some new laptop, and a new iMac. Last time I used an iMac (I was forced to), was back in high school graphics class, around 2003. What a chore it was to use those things. They were slower than a giant vat of molasses trying to spill uphill in Antarctica. It took for-fucking-ever to make simple, immature edits to a Home Depot sign so it would read “Homo Depot”… a “project” I took upon on my own and actually got praise for, even though my teacher was shaking his head (I rule). (more…)