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There have been a number of changes to the new Man of Steel and every one have them has been for the better. Zack Snyder has been making all the right decisions for Warner Bros. and by now you’ve seen one of them, the black and white still of Amy Adams‘ Lois Lane. Now, on the May cover of Total Film, Adams’ Lois Lane has been revealed in all her full, almost high definition glory.

Originally leaked by G. Godfrey on the SuperHeroHype Forums, the May issue’s cover reveals the actress and co-star Henry Cavill in costume looking as great as the couple can get for a professional cover shoot. And before people start spouting the “she looks nothing like Lois” rant please keep in mind that films have creative changes to not only keep stories original and fresh, but allow characters to be reintroduced to audiences.

It’s about time Lois Lane didn’t look like she had to spend several hours a day in front of a mirror to ignore Clark Kent. This Lois is already perfect.

Check out the full cover after the jump, including an interior of shot of the magazine posted by Twitter user @benh4rris.

The most recent issue of Total Film is out and they are packing the treats for X-Men fans. In addition to a cover story brimming with news about the flick there are three different collectible covers all modeled on a magazine style from the 60s. The three covers featuring Charles Xavier, Erik Lehnsherr and Emma Frost parallel the vintage looks of classic mags like Life or Esquire.

Stay with us after the jump, won’t you, for some fun, spoilery tidbits about the film.