Johnny Depp has been on a bit of a bad run lately (and by “lately”, I mean “since 2009”). While still somewhat “bankable”, the A-List actor hasn’t truly “acted” since Michael Mann’s Public Enemies (which, if you know that film or Mann’s body of work as a whole, ain’t exactly saying much). Outside of a cute cameo in 21 Jump Street, Depp has relegated his craft to slathering on makeup and wearing “a bunch of funny hats”, calling into question his overall likability as a performer. To boil it down into silly catchphrases: instead of a “McConaissance” what we’re witnessing is a “Deppcline” (Trademark! Print Money!). For a more detailed look at the degeneration of Depp, I’d advise checking out Britt Hayes’ breakdown of the man’s career and the questionability of his “great actor” status over at BAD.

But now Depp is trying his hand at the “superhero” game (sort of), as the actor’s currently in talks to portray Harry Houdini in Lionsgate/Summit’s The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of America’s First Superhero. (more…)

Harrison Ford on David Blaine Real or Magic

When it comes to magic, I’ve always been the guy to ruin everyone’s fun by calling shenanigans and doing my best to explain how tricks were done. I want people to take the red pill and see the truth. I am THAT guy. I was/am magics worst enemy. I do on rare occasion, though, turn my bullshit meter off and get lost in a performance or two and smile at stunned/wide eyed audiences. There’s only one magician I do this for. No, it’s not Chris Angel. He’s a douche. I have a liking to David Blaine. A worldwide recognized illusionist known for his street performances, high-profile acts of survival and for his quite-crazy persona. The one thing I like about Blaine is that he’s not one of those comically over the top stage magicians with bimbo assistants and flair for dramatics. Fuck all that. Blaine is a practitioner of bullshit, but at least he’s personal about it. All his tricks are up close, and in direct contact with a person or persons. His straightforwardness makes the performance an easier sell, at least to me anyway. Anyhoozle, David Blaine has been stopping by celeb homes to perform illusions for his recent TV special David Blaine: Real or Magic. Most have responded with great spirit, but arguably the best reaction is Harrison Ford’s. Watch the clip below to see why Harrison is a man to love…



Yay, it’s Arthur and Gwen’s anniversary. Everybody celebrate! Except…

Oh yeah, the Queen is an empty-headed bobble-head doing Morgana’s bidding by going full-tilt Wile E. Coyote after the King. Exhibit A: a flaming bag of fire crackers meant to knock Arthur off his horse and hopefully injuring him enough to fall to the two bandits hired to take him out. Unfortunately for the plan’s sake, Arthur’s manages to shake off the horse toss and is able to defeat his attackers with a little, hidden magic help from Merlin. But before you can say, “ACME rocket and sling shot” the Camelot gang quickly realizes that there’s treachery afoot in the kingdom.

Instead the episode took on a crime procedural feel, Arthur and the knights commit to an investigation of the incident and discover that Arthur’s saddle was sabotaged, on top of the explosives and the mercenaries. This trifecta of treachery leads the knights to the king’s stablehand, Tyr Steward, who is arrested on the spot. When the home he shares with his mother is searched, the knights find the smoking thread, the same thread used to reattach Arthur’s severed saddle strap making it just firm enough to pass inspection but loose enough to throw him if the horse was startled by, say, a bag of fireworks.

Case closed, right? Yeah right. Tyr is brought before Arthur who demands to know if his stablehand had an accomplice in the plot. Not only does Tyr deny he had an accomplice, he denies any knowledge of a plot. Arthur sentences the kid to death, and orders him taken away, but Merlin isn’t sure that’s the right call. So in the dungeons, Merlin pops in to talked to Tyr and in the privacy of the cells the stablehand let’s slip that there is another. He saw someone fiddling with Arthur’s saddle who threatened the life of Tyr’s mother if he snitched, but he’s too scared to say who.

Merlin’s even more convinced of Tyr’s innocence and goes to Arthur. Arthur will hear what Tyr has to say immediately, but Gwen says leave it till morning when cooler heads will prevail all around. Merlin made sure to note that as it was most unusual. Indeed, by the time Arthur pays Tyr a visit in the morning, he’s dead in his cell. The Queen had a little “talk” with him during the night. And although this initial Kill Arthur plot didn’t go according to spec, Morgana is pleased with Gwen’s progress when they meet the next night outside the castle.

Still, there’s the small problem of the still living king. Morgana pays a visit to apothecary named Sindri and buys off him a fatal poison. Disguising herself as old Hilda, Morgana gets the poison to Gwen who “seasons” Arthur’s dinner with it that night. When the King falls victim to the poison, Gwen points the finger at Merlin, the only one that has access to both the food and Arthur. Despite earlier reservations, Gaius has to agree with Merlin, something ain’t quite right with Queen Gwen.

One thing’s for sure, only Merlin’s magic can save Arthur’s life. Gauis sneaks Merlin the aging potion and as Dragoon the Great, Merlin escapes the dungeon and makes his way to Arthur’s bedside while evading the patrolling knights, eventually healing the King under the nose of everyone. In the morning, Arthur is back to normal and frees Merlin from the cells. Before the court he reveals that Gwen was “able to track” the markings on the poison back to Sindri who admits that he sold the poison to Morgana. Gwen is cheered by the court, but Merlin knows for sure, the danger is far from over.


-So we’re officially halfway done the last season of Merlin. Pour a forty of meade on the dirt road for everyone’s favorite youth-oriented, Arthurian legend origin re-telling British serial. In other news…

-Oh, Dragoon the Great. He says things Merlin only ever gets to think about… And incidentally, it was kind of nice to see Old Merlin again. The novelty was wearing by the end of last season, but now was a good time to whip it out again. (On the other hand, I guess I called it about Morgana and the Hilda disguise. One would thing the Camelot guards would have been shown an artist’s rendering of what “Hilda”/Morgana looks like so they can be on their guard, but maybe I’m putting too much credit in medieval crime fighting techniques.)

-This was an interesting episode even though it was light on action. Definitely darker given how Gwen implicates Merlin and how she quite nearly succeeds at both killing Arthur and framing Merlin for it. Strangely enough, the evening’s most perilous action sequence belonged to Merlin as he had to scale the tower wall from the outside in order to get access to Arthur’s chamber. The whole thing was positively Cliffhanger-esque.

-On the other hand, zombie mind-control Gwen isn’t that compelling. I’ll reserve finally judgement for when the whole arc resolves itself, which I hope is soon. This is getting as bad as the whole mole-inside-CTU meme on 24 with all these traitors and conspirators, even the coerced ones. The end kind of bothered me with Merlin once again staring across the room at someone he once thought friend and trying to comprehend their betrayal and what form it might take next. All that was missing was Merlin saying at the end, “How can the same $#!% happen to the same guy twice.” Except there’s no swearing in Camelot. Oh well.

Next Week: Merlin gets called away on urgent Druid business, while Gwen ponders a new evil scheme (and an unlikely team-up). Yippie Ki-Yay, mother-father!

Nerd Fight! Vader Vs Gandalf

From Deviant Art by Mornienor

Ever wondered who would win in a fight: The Dark Lord of the Sith or The Grey Pilgrim? For generations (well, like two), men have searched for the answer to that question, and now the gang behind the Super Power Beat Down have made a convenient web video to answer that question once and for all.

The effects are pretty solid, and its got some high production value in there, but be advised, if you don’t like how the fight turns out, it was the fault of the internet. The results were made via online voting. Like American Idol… with magic and Force lightening. And no singing.

Source: Blastr

Daffy Duck is a Lazy Metal Wizard

(You’re not dreaming, this is an actual segment from the new Loony Toons series)

The idea of a new Loony Toons series was one of utter bullshit to me…until they went and did something as awesome as this. Simply titled Daffy Duck: The Wizard, this clip will bring out any headbanger’s inner child between four minutes of metal music.

Mixing everyday technologies with Daffy’s hugely inflated ego, Warner Bros.  made the single greatest Loony Toons clip of the year. It’ll make you want to throw on a denim vest and throw up a pair of Dio sized devil horns.

Rock on Daffy.

Via: The Mary Sue

Smallville‘s, ex-HPOA, Kristin Kreuk is still trying to shake the stank she contracted from Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li. While that will never happen, she is trying to win our hearts back with a new TV role. She’s been cast in Ron Moore‘s new fantasy-based police procedural series 17th Precinct, and will join the previously cast Jamie Bamber, Tricia Helfer and James Callis, who all come from Battlestar Galactica.

The series is about a fictional town of Excelsior where magic and supernatural elements rule over science and revolves around the cops at the local 17th Precinct. Kreuk will play Susan Longstreet, the wife of Jamie Bamber’s character, Caolan. As of right now her role is just “guest star” status, but if the pilot is expanded into a full series, her role could be expanded as well.

Moore has described the new series as “an adult Harry Potter. But instead of fighting the evil Lord Voldemort, the characters will be fighting crime.”

So, in other words.. it’s ‘The Dresden Files‘. Surely, NBC will take this seriously. NOT! They’ll market it wrong, see lower than average ratings and can the show almost immediately. An NBC joint most of us would actually watch and you just know they will fuck it up. Luckily, it’s from the mind of Ron Moore. He did helped create one of the best, most thought provoking Science Fiction series in Television History. Plus he has a big penis. The latter has absolutely no relevance, just thought I’d throw it out there. With his name and vision, we should get something pretty damn good. Just hope NBC handles it right.

Source: Blastr


This super cool collection of images is by Lissy Elle she uses photoshop and magic…yes magic to make these characters get back in their books! It’s obvious she’s proficient in photoshop and I couldn’t help but notice that most of the girls have dirty ass feet! She could have easily changed that. That having been said she really does have an amazing thing going here. Hang out after the jump to see full size images of Alice, Wendy, Hermione,Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), and Belle (and some dirty feets!).



A few days ago we posted a series of photos from the grand opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universe Studios in Florida. If pictures of the event weren’t enough to get your wands at the ready (penis innuendo haha) then perhaps some video footage will “expelliarmus” a load from your pants (or as the brits say: Knickers).

After the jump you’ll find video footage from last weeks grand opening.

Well, the tour is great and all, you should take note of the something rather interesting. In the first video Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe appears to use actual magic to make some fireworks go off. What?!?!? The kid from Equus knows REAL witchcraft? Why is he not being burned at the stake? (ok, sorry. This is my sad attempt at sarcasm. Did it work?)

On a side note: The park, or rather addition to the ‘Islands of Adventure’ at Universal Studios is of course astonishing and we know you want to go but you should probably wait a few months for all the excitment to calm down. Unless of course you don’t mind waiting 6 hours to buy a $15 goblet of butterbeer. Is your wallet and your time really worth all the magic?