Mahmud Asrar


Oh yeah, cons are also about comic books! This unsurprising revelation was brought home at Marvel’s All Access panel Saturday at the National Fan Expo in Toronto where some of the publisher’s roster of talent took part in a friendly Q&A with fans. Artists Adam Kubert, Mahmud A. Asrar and Ryan Stegman, writers Greg Pak and Charles Soule and editors C.B. Cebulski and Jeanine Schaefer were all on hand to discuss what was in the works at Marvel Comics, that diversity is working for the publisher, and what they’re looking for in their artists. (more…)


And, BOOM, just like that Power Girl is back in her classic outfit. That wasn’t too long was it? About a year and a half of the hideous, white, ski suit is longer than I would have liked, that’s for sure. When the new costume debuted on the cover of World’s Finest #1 not only did I lament the loss of the boob window, Peej’s iconic look, but I detested her new costume. Sure, they thought covering her head to toe was the way to remove any sexism associated the character. Well, they were wrong.

Power Girl’s boob window is as key to her iconography as is her brash, confidant, ‘takes no shit’ attitude. Why isn’t a grown woman allowed to show some cleavage? Does it somehow make her weak? Hell no. That said, any gripes against the boob window often depend on who’s holding the pencil. If her boobs are at the point where they’re even defying the laws of fucked up comic book physics, then there’s a problem. With a little understanding of anatomy, Peej can be busty and fabulous. Case in point, Amanda Connor’s Power Girl cover vs Warren Louw’s cover. See the difference? Both are exceedingly busty, but one shows Peej in a defiant, strong pose while the other is very objectifying.

Covering her up did nothing to stop Power Gil from being overtly sexualized. Her full body costume was torn to shreds in almost every issue of World’s Finest, so much so she might as well have been fighting crime in the nude. Hopefully, we won’t see her new classic outfit going through the same treatment.

Yes, I’m quite happy to see Peej back in her regular duds, though I am surprised the reveal comes in Supergirl #19 and not her own title. I definitely approve of her depiction this time around, too. Kudos to the book’s artist, Mahmud Asrar. What do you think of this development? Happy for the boob window’s return?

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Source: Bleeding Cool