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Yes, folks. Welcome to another installment in the glorious Nerd Bastards newsiness that is the Star Wars: Episode VII rumormill. This time around Deadline has a few tidbits for us and they’re saying that not only has actor Oscar Isaac been cast in some sort of significant role, but also that Harrison Ford will have a big part in the new flick. Read on for all the juicy details. (more…)


Ever heard of Maisie Richardson Sellers? If you haven’t that’s okay, because she has a smaller internet footprint than Rudiger Smoot. But the reason that the name Maisie Richardson Sellers has entered the proverbial ether is because her’s is the latest name associated with the casting of Star Wars Episode VII, a rumored frontrunner for a rumored role of rumored significance. So who might she be on the hook for portraying? Read on. (more…)