If you weren’t already convinced that Hugh Jackman is an all around stand up guy then this video is certain to do the trick. Jackman recently surprised a young Wolverine fan with the help of Australian radio station KIIS 1065. It’s all part of a Make A Wish for 9-year-old Dominic, who was diagnosed as an infant with Cystic fibrosis. If the smile on Dominic’s face doesn’t get you a little verklempt, then nothing will.


If you grew up in the 80s, then chances are that the work of Drew Struzan had a big impact on you. Who’s Drew Struzan you may be asking? Shame on you! He’s the man that created the poster art for such films as Blade Runner, Back to the Future, The Muppet Movie, Coming To America, An American Tail, and The Goonies. He also designed the posters for all the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies. Of course, that was when poster art was still an art, but Struzan did it better than anyone else. He official retired in 2008, so when Struzan releases a new poster now, you know it’s something special, and that’s very true in this particular instance as Struzan has now immortalized Batkid for an upcoming documentary. (more…)

How do you take down a super villain? Well, super strength, detective skills, and the advanced wealth of a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist is a start, but what if you don’t have any of those things?  What if your a 12 year old with muscular atrophy? That’s when the Make-A-Wish Foundation and a great group of volunteers step in.

Rex Velvet (above), the real life ‘super villain’ of Seattle may be more known for openly taunting local hero Phoenix Jones, but even a guy like him has a heart when it come to the kids. Especially a young 12 year old named Colby. Pairing with the local chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the local super-villain helped make Colby`s wish come true, capturing the villain under the name Super Agent C.

Diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy as a baby, 12 year old Colby is unable to walk, is slowly losing function in his hands and has trouble eating, but that hasn’t stopped him from foiling the attempted kidnapping of the Seattle Seahawks mascot Blitz and Robin Hall, a former Make-A-Wish kid. Watch the video for the whole story, but bring a few tissues because your gonna have something in your eye.

“I’m trying to stop my arch-nemesis called Rex Velvet,”

Special Agent C said, and by chasing clues on the streets of Seattle, finding a piece of fur on a strip of duct tape, Special Agent C and his team then took to the air in a helicopter in their search for Rex. Once Rex’s location was discovered by air, a Silly String fight at Lake Washington between Special Agent C and Rex lead to the capture of Rex, and all his henchmen.

“It’s probably the best birthday anybody is going to get,”

Colby said, as the day also coincided with his 12th birthday and the 5,000th wish granted by the local chapter. Great job from everybody involved, including Rex Velvet. Answer the call if your local Make-A-Wish Foundation chapter ever gives you a call to help out, you’ll never forget it.

Source: Topless Robot

Erik Martin was just like any normal kid on the block. He liked to laugh, play and read comic books. However, what most people didn’t know is that Erik was foster child and suffered from a rare form of cancer. Like many ailing kids before him, young Erik was asked to “make a wish” by the kind people of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Erik told wish manager Jessie Elenbaas that he wanted to do things he was never been able to do: to run fast, be powerful and help people. In essence -become a superhero for a day.

So began one of the greatest Make-A-Wish moments for the Washington chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Erik created Electron Boy, a superhero who regularly saved Seattle, Washington from the forces of evil and darkness.

Wearing a handmade superhero costume -that he had helped design-, and riding in a DeLorean sports car, Erik rescued local soccer team -the Seattle Sounders- from the evil Dr. Dark and Blackout Boy.

He also saved a Puget Sound Energy (PSE) worker stuck in a bucket truck, rescued a group of people trapped on the observation deck of the Space Needle, and captured the villains, played to the hilt by Edgar Hansen and his sidekick Jake Anderson, both of Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch.” Not bad for a kid 13 year old kid.

Erik Martin sadly succumbed to his disease. Erik died Friday at home. He was 14.

A group of independent comic-book creators inked and published a real comic book of his exploits. And the “Fans of Electron Boy” page, still active on Facebook, drew thousands of members — today, its fans number nearly 12,000. Since news has spread of Erik’s passing the Electron Boy page has quickly turned into a tribute in this young man’s courage and honor, with many kind words of love and support.

One fan left a message that said “Thank you Erik for making me remember the important things, you are an inspiration. I will my hug my kids a little bit tighter this weekend.”

You were a true hero Erik, you lit up the lives of many. You’ll will be missed! RIP, little dude.

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