If you’ve ever wondered how an actor spends his days on set, it’s not always tea and crumpets. Depending on the role there can be long hours spent in the makeup chair while experts transform you into something out of this world. That’s what actor Nicholas Hoult had to go through to bring his character Beast to the big screen in Bryan Singer‘s X-Men: First Class.

Now we can get a taste of what he had to go through when the folks at StudioADI worked their magic on Hoult and brought our favorite blue furry mutant to life. Alec Gillis of StudioADI had this to say about the process:

Director Matthew Vaughan really gravitated towards the more lion-like versions of the Marvel Comic Beast. He wanted a clean break from the Kelsey Grammer version. Fur was in, hair was out. Any version of Beast that featured human head hair was too ‘rock star’, so ADI and Dave and Lou Elsey kept the palette to the feline textures.

Some warm tone break up was introduced to make the skin tone less monochromatic and more alive. The studio stepped in during post production and digitally removed the naturalistic color break up in favor of a more straight forward blue.

Check out this behind the scenes video,



For cripes sake! Ya, step away from the computer for a few hours to go bowling with transvestites (don’t ask) and you come back to find the Internet exploding with rumors of what the turtles may look like in the proposed new, live-action, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Yes, it has been announced that Mirage Group/Legendary Pictures are rebooting the turtle franchise with a new live-action flick but the image (above) floating around the net is not a first look at the new design of the Ninja Turtles. A commenter of has made it clear that this prop was constructed for a class by Eric Zapata, a student at Tom Savini’s FX school. This image being false is such a let down. As Raphael would say “DAAAAMNNNN!!” Seriously, would you look at this thing, it’s freaking awesome! Yes, it’s creepy, but in a good way. Not only does it actually look like a turtle but the eye mask/bandage look like something a mutant turtle living in a sewer would make/wear. This concept truly honors the original Ninja Turtles dark and gritty comic. It’s a shame that will probably never get to see anything like this. Honestly, the words “Ninja” Turtles” and “realistic” arn’t words that mix well together (in the kiddie standard that is). Can you imagine this thing yelling “COWABUNGA”? I think not. However, Peter Laird, one of the creators and overseer of the new turtle flick has promised that the film will return to the roots of the original comic book series, so maybe we might get something close.

source: slashfilm via LatinoReview