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SDCC 2011: His Name is Barry!

Everyone that was part of the Lost: One Year Later panel got a very special surprise, brand “new” Lost footage! What started as a Twitter war between Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse became a surprise visit from said duo to show something called “the Marble Rye”.

At the beginning of the One Year Later panel moderators and Lost fans Jeff Jensen and Dan Snierson opened by suggesting that fans would be better off at virtually any other panel at that time, then continued to bicker over whether Jensen should be allowed to screen his bootleg DVD copy of whatever “the Marble Rye” was. To the surprise of many in the room a man in a Stormtrooper costume charged in, yelled that the DVD was never meant to be shown, and ripped off his helmet to reveal Cuse, quickly followed by Lindelof in a Dharma Initiative jumpsuit. What a Stormtrooper has in common with Lost I’ll have now idea, must be another one of those unanswered questions.

Carlton explained that they had planned out the entire series mythology in the first season, and that the season 1 finale, “Exodus,” contained a pivitol scene to explain everything – but ultimately decided that it would be too much. Lindelof then griped that the whole “Were you making it up as you went along?” question had only gotten worse since the series ended, though they said “We have the smoking gun. We can show them a scene that clearly and specifically can make the question go away forever.”

“The integrity of the show would be violated!” insisted Carlton.

“Since when do you care about the integrity of the show?” Damon retorted.

The crowd – all shocked by the sudden surprise and chance to see the footage – overwhelmingly voted to see this “smoking gun”, and… well, what do you think. For those that want it the footage is now up on, for the rest of us- we’ll use Youtube.

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The “Lost” series finale gave many of its fans headaches — some would even say more headaches than answers. One of the mysteries left on the island was the Man In Black’s name. Just who was Jacob’s brother before he got all smoke-a-fied?

Jacob’s brother had a lot of fan-given nicknames (Smokey and Esau, for starters), but it turns out that MIB’s name actually was Samuel. After scrutinizing call sheets and looking through the Bible for clues, “Lost” fanatics had already speculated that this might be the case, but there was no confirmation until now.

And how do we know for sure? It’s on a freaking piece of furniture. “Samuel” is on Titus Welliver’s (who played MIB) chair, which is being auctioned off.


Whew! So glad we could solve one of the important mysteries of the island instead of crap like “How did Jacob and Samuel’s mom really get there?” and “Why does the entrance to the island’s glowy hole look like a vagina?”

Now I’m grumpy about the “Lost” finale again. Great. I’m going to watch this fantabulous cat video to feel better.

Source: Slashfilm