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Rumors have been in overdrive lately. To the point where you’re likely burnt out and don’t even want to speculate about movies that aren’t even coming soon. But… but… what if we had some pretty pictures to share. Come on, it’ll be easy. Not too much to read, no bogus sources, just a few snapshots of places that may or may not be locations where The Avengers: Age of Ultron and the Man of Steel sequel will be shooting. (more…)


We reported on a rumor just over a week ago that Josh Holloway was in talks to play the role of Aquaman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, and while we don’t have anything that confirms or denies those rumors, Holloway has finally commented on them. What did the Lost star have to say about possibly joining the DC cinematic universe? (more…)


Ben Affleck, a successful actor/writer/director, has had to endure a lot of shit from audiences over the years. No one cares whether his films are successful or not, or that the guys won two Oscars; the public just loves to hate on Affleck. It’s unsurprising then, when the announcement came Affleck would put on the cowl for Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel follow-up, Batman vs. Superman, no one was pleased. And in a recent interview with Playboy, Affleck admits were he us, he’d be just as upset. (more…)


When it comes to Batman vs Superman (or whatever the heck they’re calling it), people can’t seem to stop thinking about Dick… Dick Grayson, that is. Recently, Latino Review got wind of Warner Bros. casting for a “a young John Hawkes type” and implied this was for the role of Batman sidekick Robin a.k.a. Nightwing. That could just as easily mean a young Bruce Wayne or some other character for flashbacks and what not, but Latino Review seemed pretty certain of their claim citing a trusted source. Well, further down the Rabbit Robin hole we go, as TheWrap suggests they know who’s up for the role… (more…)


That’s right, you read the headline right, this is news not about the as-of-yet unreleased Zack Snyder Superman flick Man of Steel, but about the sequel to said movie.  The current production has been getting some outstanding reviews from early screenings, even to the point of the ominous “best movie of the year” title being bestowed upon it.  So it only seems natural that Warner Bros. would want to jump on top of a potentially hot property and keep it going in an effort to reach Marvel Studio-levels of entertainment power.

The rumor mill says that the movie is being pushed into high gear.  Furthermore it looks like they’re going to be bringing back David S. Goyer to script the sequel.  In case you didn’t know, Goyer wrote the current flick.  And if Man of Steel is what people are saying, it’s a safe bet to keep him involved.

Of course, none of this is officially “official” yet, but the WB would be fools to not get this thing ready ASAP if they really do have that much confidence in Man of Steel.  Now, if they could just get their heads out of their asses about that Justice League script…

Check out whether or not Man of Steel is the best movie in the universe come June 14th.


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