She battled the Goblin King in Labyrinth, took out Nazis in The Rocketeer, had her mind wiped in Dark City and now she is going to be taking on Alita. Hollywood’s forthcoming adaptation of the hit Manga and Anime, Battle Angel Alita (Known as Gunnm (銃夢) in Japanese) has cast Academy Award winner Jennifer Connelly (Requiem For A Dream, A Beautiful Mind, and Hulk) in the role of an as yet unnamed villain.  (more…)

Best Obscure Graphic Novels That Everyone Should Read


“Why don’t more people know about [INSERT GRAPHIC NOVEL TITLE HERE]? [INSERT GRAPHIC NOVEL TITLE HERE] is the best thing ever!

~Every cheated comic book nerd ever.

With almost a century’s worth of tradition, comic books have absolute metric craptons of excellent, well thought-out content, even after you have subtracted the 90% of crap that infests every medium, as predicted by Sturgeon’s Law. And while this 10% might sound pretty damn promising, a lot of it just has simply been lost to time and lack of reprints, mostly due to their lackluster sales.

Which makes sense, from a market perspective: how many newfangled nerds know about the work of Rick Veitch? Who among the steampunk nerds have even heard of the unbridled lunacy that’s in the work of Bryan Talbot? Heck, how many otaku do you know that know the work of Boichi or even Kago Shintarou? Even if you factor in those creators’ excellence, their work often slips through the cracks, by virtue of simple logistics. (more…)


Where to even begin with Akira? Katsuhiro Otomo‘s magnum opus, it was one of the works that made manga and anime huge in the West, as influential and seminal as The Drifting Classroom or Astroboy combined. The manga told the long and winding tale of a post-apocalyptic Japan, struggling in the aftermath of a psychic apocalypse and a small cadre of troubled teenagers and superpowered children that threaten to reduce our world into a cinder. Also, a hellishly bleak outlook of modern Japanese societyNeedless to say, the manga’s themes make it a tough cookie to swallow, especially when it comes to adapting it in any on-screen format, but Katsuhiro Otomo might have some enlightening news on the matter…


‘Astro Boy’ To Get Live Action Treatment


It’s not like I have to tell you this, but comic book movies have been all the rage lately, and studio shave been churning out every comic property they can find that comes with its own built in name recognition. However, now that Deadpool is breaking records, studios seem to be taking notice that audiences are in the mood for something different to go with their popcorn, but after the dismal box office of The Wachowski’s Speed Racer, Hollywood has been reluctant to delve into the world of Manga, that is, until now.


In news that makes your stomach clench up, Lionsgate is working on a live action NARUTO. Hollywood’s track record with live action manga series is not something I would bet the rent on. Hell, I wouldn’t bet that nickel I found in the parking lot last week. Here’s how you can test it. Go to your local Anime Convention, stand near an exit, because you’re gonna want to make a quick departure, and yell out that anyone who didn’t like FOX‘s live action Dragonball: Evolution or M. Night Shyamalan‘s The Last Airbender can suck it. The angry mob will form quickly so don’t hang around long. Now some of you might be telling yourself, “Hey, this one might not be so bad, maybe even good!” Well, let’s look at it and see if there is any reason for hope. (more…)


Attack on Titan may not mean much to North American movie goers or cultural connoisseurs, but it’s a pretty big deal in Japan. It started out as a best-selling manga in 2009, became a much-loved anime series, spawned four different video games, and will soon be a big, live-action movie. So far, our looks at the upcoming film have been light on action, focusing more on the human characters and how they’re reacting to their giant tormentors. What if the effects weren’t up to snuff? What if the Titans looked terrible? Well, lay those worries aside because this new trailer posted blow looks pretty damn good. Attack on Titan may end up being the attack on the senses we’re clamoring for (assuming we se it here in North America). (more…)

Anime Weekend Atlanta Day 1 250 (Copy) (Copy)

Anime Weekend Atlanta had its 20th anniversary last weekend with a weekend long celebration of everything Anime. There were panels, terrific cosplay, great anime voice acting and musical guests (There was practically a concert going on somewhere in the convention just about all the time), a huge Dealers Room with an equally large Artists Alley, special event sites like the Imperial Maid Cafe, numerous video rooms with Anime streaming, and an impressive, free to read, Manga Library that was open 24/7 during the convention. It was a fun weekend and you can check out the highlights of the convention after the jump! (more…)


It’s been so long since I’ve seen 1995’s ‘Ghost In The Shell’ that I had to look it up to see what it was about. From a business standpoint, one wonders about the wait limit on converting a cartoon into a film. Does the freshness matter at all? Perhaps as long as the movie is good, it has a chance at being another ‘Kick Ass’ instead of a ‘Barb Wire.’ But then, of course, this anime series had a TV show in 2002 and more extensions in 2013. Do we even want a ‘Ghost In The Shell’ live action movie? Yes or no, it looks like we’re getting one. And they may have even found their lead actress. (more…)


What’s the old saying? “If at first you don’t succeed…”

Warner Bros is of this opinion because they’re once again opening that can of worms labelled Akira and are now in the process of once again trying to get a live-action American version of the anime classic off the ground and into theaters. Early last year, all efforts in making the Akira film ground to a halt, but now Warners seems to have gone as far as press director Jaume Collet-Serra (Orphan, Unknown) into service to bring the film to life.

Now Collet-Serra has been involved in the project before, so maybe since he’s familiar with the territory his name moved to the front of the line. Variety says that the studio likes the director’s take on the material, and the real sticking point now is the budget, which Warner Bros obviously wants to be smaller. Production on Akira has been in development hell for the better part of the last decade, with directors such as Stephen Norrington and the Hughes Brothers previously attached with actors such as Leonardo di Caprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Robert Pattinson all rumored to star at one point or another.

Akira, based on the manga of the same name, is about a teenage biker with psychic powers in dystopian future Tokyo. No release date or anything else official has yet to be offered from the studio. Obviously, we’ll have more news for you as the story develops.

Source: /Film