It’s probably not a spoiler to say that Manhattan gets wrecked in The Avengers. So it begs the question: if this were a real life thing, how much would it cost to fix NYC post alien attack? The price tag: $160 billion USD.

So who on Earth possibly had the time to get their calculators and abaci out to tabulate the cost. The gang at The Hollywood Reporter, of course. They consulted experts with Kinetic Analysis Corp., a major disaster-cost prediction firm who specialize in guesstimating the financial impact of disasters. It’s Kinetic Analysis that came up with the $160 billion figure, which factors in such considerations as direct damage, the economic impact, clean-up time and loss of life.

By the way, that’s more than the Japanese tsunami ($122 billion), Hurricane Katrina ($90 billion) and the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks ($83 billion).

“The extensive damage to Grand Central Terminal could prove highly disruptive, depending on the subsurface damage to the subway system,” the report states. “Although such damage is unlikely, as the 9/11 events showed, collapsing buildings can cause significant damage to subsurface infrastructure such as gas, communications and electrical systems. Detailed site surveys will be required to assess the state of the subterranean infrastructure.”

Sure, but who would get the check for the damage?

“Most insurance policies have special provisions for acts of war, civil unrest or terrorism,” the report states. “Given the involvement of individuals considered deities in some cultures (Thor, Loki), there is even the potential to classify the event as an ‘act of God,’ though that designation would be subject to strenuous theological and legal debate.”

Sounds like this one might be in courts for years. Good thing the entire event was fictional.

Source: Blastr

AMC has brought us the best that TV has to offer i.e: The Walking Dead, Breaking Dead, and Mad Men, and now it will get some competition as another channel brings sci-fi to your work-week. O.C.T (Occult Crimes Taskforce) graphic novel, will be getting its chance to shine on A&E. Hollywood Reporter states that Gale Anne Hurd, who is producing AMC’s hit zombie show, The Walking Dead,  is on staff for this next sci-fi bombshell. If y’all aren’t paying attention to this show yet, then wait until you hear who the lead is.

Eva Mendes? Angelina Jolie? Nope and nope. Rosario Dawson, best known for her roles in Clerks II and Sin City, will be taking home the headline role. Here is the plotline for the upcoming series O.C.T:

The task force, which was established after the Civil War to make the New York City streets safe from practitioners of Black Magic, demons from another dimension and all manner of supernatural malcontents.
Like the graphic novel, co-created by Dawson and David Atchison, O.C.T. will center on the character of Sophia Ortiz, a new member of the bureau who uses magic, spells, ghosts, the undead and the unnatural. At the heart of the story is an ongoing struggle between the O.C.T. detectives and an organized demon-force attempting to take over Manhattan. 

After lending her image for the graphic novel, I’m not surprised that with an assured free schedule, she’d be able to play the role. I may not have have read the graphic novel, but I’m sure this kick-ass chica will be able to bring out an amazing performance. Of course, bets I’m sure will be made on whether we will see some skin. Otherwise, what are your thoughts on the addition of this sci-fi show to A&E