Anyone remember a campy television show called Manimal that managed to worm its way into the year of 1983? If not, don’t worry about it. It only ran for 8 episodes, after all. Well, in the tradition of recycling that has become the mainstay in Hollywood, they’ll be bringing this old property to life once more. Yes, they’re working on a Manimal movie adaptation. Don’t expect a serious incarnation of the story, however, as it’s a Will Ferrell project. (more…)

When news broke that Sony was looking to do a big screen reboot of Manimal – NBC’s 1983 show about a guy who fights crime by turning into animals – I too probably flipped a table at how creatively bankrupt Hollywood is these days. The show was a flop (only lasted like 8 episodes) and is legendarily panned as one of the stupidest ideas a coked out 80s studio exec could conjure up. Why is Manimal getting sent to the big screen when there are so many other great shows borne out of the minds of skinny tie wearing, nose candy loving, execs.

Go get your Duran Duran casstte tape and go pop some fresh batteries into the Walkman, because after the jump we’re going over (our by no means definitive) list of six TV shows that would make better movies than Manimal. (more…)

Somewhere between Battlestar Galactica and One West Waikiki, prolific TV producer Glen A. Larson co-created a series called Manimal, and because everything old is exploitable, we will soon be enjoying a Manimal movie on big screens everywhere.

It was the fall of 1983, Reagan was President of a crime plagued America and only one man could cut through the bureaucratic red tape was a man, who could become an animal… A Manimal! The series followed Dr. Jonathan Chase (Simon MacCorkindale), a good looking rich bastard who could shape shift into an animal, usually a hawk or a panther, and used it to fight crime alongside a pair of police officers.

In case that explanation went over your head, here’s the oh, so 80s opening sequence that preceded every episode of Manimal.

Hard to believe NBC scheduled this beauty up against Dallas Friday nights, huh?

Well, apparently Larson is going to double down on Manimal as The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that he’s taking a position as producer on a big budget, big screen Hollywood remake of Manimal. Sadly, MacCorkindale died in 2010 so he won’t be able to be a part of the project, but let the casting process begin! Who might be able to fill the shoes, and paws and claws of Dr. Jonathan Chase? My money’s on Christian Bale because, well, that would be awesome.

Obviously, we’ll keep you posted with news as it develops.

Source: Bleeding Cool