For all the acclaim Game of Thrones has received for being a sensational drama, full of spectacle, there’s one element everyone remarks on: the nudity and sex. If you’ve read George R.R Martin‘s novels you’ll know these are not chaste tales, but being books most of the kinky stuff is left to the imagination. Not so with the TV series. It’s all there and now we know why.

Director Neil Marshall, the man responsible for that epic “Blackwater” episode, recently spoke to ScreenCrush about what it’s like working for HBO. As you know, they’re tagline is ,”It’s not TV, it’s HBO,” which should really be changed too, “We’re not basic cable, bring on the titties!” Marshall explains,

The weirdest part [of directing Game of Thrones] was when you have one of the exec producers leaning over your shoulder, going, ‘You can go full frontal, you know. This is television, you can do whatever you want! And do it! I urge you to do it!’ So I was like, ‘Okay, well, you’re the boss.'”

This particular exec took me to one side and said, ‘Look, I represent the pervert side of the audience, okay? Everybody else is the serious drama side, [but] I represent the perv side of the audience, and I’m saying I want full frontal nudity in this scene.’ So you go ahead and do it.

Ha! Yes, I’m the head of Pervert Relations for HBO. What a job!?!

But seriously, HBO knows what sells and it’s teh sex. What do you think? Is there too much tits, ass and rampant sex on Game of Thrones or do you find they hold back before becoming too gratuitous?

Source: Blastr

It’s not a spoiler there’s sex on Game of Thrones, but what is chocked full of spoilers is this incredible map tracking the journey of every major character throughout A Song of Ice and Fire. Ye be warned. Hit the jump the check it out!


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A key part to enjoying either the book series, A Song of Ice and Fire or it’s HBO series, Game of Thrones is understanding where the hell anything is in Westeros. Whose castle is close to whose? How far north or south is it? Are they near the coast where they’re likely to be raided by Iron Men? Are they near the accursed, Harrenhal? Every edition of the books has in it a series of maps which you’ll find yourself constantly referencing as you explore Westeros. In the television series the opening credits mimicked this beautifully, changing with each episode depending on where the story would travel.

Now fans have upped the ante. There have been some damn impressive, fan-made Westeros maps but this one from superfan and artist, Other-In-Law is by far the most crazy awesome thing you’re eyeballs will ever wonder over. The map is chocked full of so references to your favorite characters and places it almost reminds you of a Where’s Waldo map. If Waldo was insane and ruled a kingdom with wildfire and fear, and his subjects plotted to kill him at every turn. Maybe that’s why Waldo was constantly on the run or in hiding? Hmm.

Anyway, you must click HERE to check it out full size. Seriously, it’s massive and it’s gonna blow your mind. Can you pick out the Queen of Thorns by Highgarden? Tyrion near Casterly Rock? Littlefinger on The Fingers? Other-in-Law as also included the heraldry of every house mentioned in the books. Damn, he’s even included sigils not in the books, but mentioned by George R.R. Martin on’s Citadel.

And, just for the hell of it, if you could reside anywhere in The Seven Kingdoms, where would it be? I’d be living the good life down south by Highgarden, or maybe Oldtown, enjoying many a flask of summerwine. I would have said the riverlands by Rivverun or Casterly Rock, but umm, yeah due to constant warring those places have gone down the shitter.