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Hot on the heels of Marvel‘s Doctor Strange wrapping principal shooting, Mark Gatiss, co-creator of Sherlock, and Mycroft Holmes in the series, announced that Sherlock Series 4 has begun shooting. Its been a long wait since Series 3 ended, even if we did get a “Don’t call it a Christmas Special” special The Abominable Bride last New Year’s Day. Check out the announcement video below. (more…)

doctor who robot of sherwood review

So far this season we’ve had a slow opener and a dark examination of The Doctor’s character. Besides last week’s few momentary sparks between Clara and Danny Pink, Series 8 has been a rather serious season. That changes this week with the Mark Gatiss-penned “Robot of Sherwood,”  a silly adventure that manages the right tone and enough genuine laughs to avoid being utterly ridiculous. (more…)


Sick and tired of all the Doctor Who, yet? Hope not, we’re only in the beginning of a Who week! We’ve been counting down the days until the 50th anniversary, we even toyed with the blasphemous thought of an American Doctor, and we’ve been sharing basically everything and anything Doctor Who we can get our hands on. As if that isn’t enough, here’s some more clips, trailers, and treats. (more…)


Many of you, I’m sure, are eagerly looking forward to the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, The Day of The Doctor. Me too, believe me! But in addition to the proper 50th anniversary special, I’m also eagerly awaiting Mark Gatissdocu-drama about the early days of Who, An Adventure in Space and Time. Starring David Bradley as the First Doctor, William Hartnell, Gatiss calls the drama his “love letter” to Doctor Who. (more…)


Oh man, did EW just reveal what will likely be my favorite news of the day, or what!? I make no secret of being a huge Doctor Who and Sherlock fan, and I’m a big admirer of Mark Gatiss‘ work on and off-screen. And today I learn he’s been cast in Game of Thrones! BEST. NEWS. EVER!

What role, though? That’s a secret because showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are just big ‘ole meanies. ‘Course, this also means it’s time for one of my favorite activities: blind speculation! He could be Margaery’s father, Mace Tyrell? I’d have expected someone more, uh, massive, but it wouldn’t be the first time the show altered a character’s appearance to fit their preferred actor. Or perhaps it’s Doran Martell? Actually, I like that choice a lot more, and the Martell’s and Dorne will be playing a larger role in the next season. It’s got to be someone major, otherwise, why be so secretive?

Unless they’re just waiting for their Comic Con panel, Friday at 2:50pm PST in Hall H, to make the big reveal. Gatiss will be in San Diego this weekend, appearing on both the Sherlock panel, Thursday at 2:15pm PST in Ballroom 20, and the Doctor Who panel, Sunday at 12:30pm PST in Hall H. So why not make a surprise appearance at the Game of Thrones panel, eh?

Who’d you like to see Gatiss play in Game of Thrones?

Make sure you stay glued to Nerd Bastards all weekend as we’ll be covering SDCC non-stop! Expect a report on Gatiss’ secret role the minute we hear it.


At the moment we’re drifting in the void awaiting new Doctor Who. The 50th anniversary special will air on November 23rd, followed by the Christmas special on Christmas Day, and Series 8 is expected to begin late summer 2014. At least that’s what showrunner Steven Moffat revealed in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly all about Comic Con.

The interview, available online as well as in print, covers just about everything you’d want to pry from the mind of The Moff. In it he discusses the search for the next Doctor, when we’ll see the new Doctor, when he knew Matt Smith was leaving, the length of the 50th anniversary special, what is was like having Matt and David Tennant work together, just everything! Though, any real spoilers are cleverly hidden by Moffat’s usual knack for misdirection and tight lips.

Below the cut we’ve got the highlights, gathered by the ever vigilant Doctor Who TV. Expect mild spoilers, with a chance of, “OMG! CAN’T WAIT!”

But first! Check out this officially released image of David Bradley as the First Doctor, William Hartnell, for the BBC‘s other anniversary special, An Adventure in Space in Time, chronicling the early days of Who and written by Mark Gatiss.


Uncanny, isn’t it!? The more we see from this docu-drama, the more excited I may be for it over the show’s proper anniversary special. Okay, that’s a lie, I’m out of mind with excitement for the 50th anniversary special, but I’m totally stoked for this, too.


‘Sherlock’ is Coming to Comic-Con!

Sherlock 2 Specials

Bloody hell, have you heard!? That consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes and his “platonic”, live- in assistant, Dr. Watson, are coming to San Diego Comic-Con!

All right, so as of now Sherlock stars and rising nerd icons, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, have not been confirmed as attending. Simmer down, Cumberbitches. But Entertainment Weekly has just announced PBS is bringing their Masterpiece hit to Comic-Con in what will be the first PBS program to ever hold a panel at the convention in its 44-year history!

Confirmed to appear are Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, and Sue Vertue, which surely isn’t too shabby of a line-up, now is it? They’re  also promising “surprises”. Soo… a pre-recorded message from Cumberbatch and/or Freeman? Footage from Season 3? At the very least a frickin’ trailer? Come on, BBC, we’re frothing at the mouth for new Sherlock!

The series will return on BBC later this year, but for us in the U.S. we’ll be waiting until 2014 for Season 3. I’m sure we’ll hear a confirmation on that at the panel, of which Comic-Con will release the exact time and day for tomorrow, so stay tuned!

How awesome is it to see a show like Sherlock, one not one usually considered just for the nerd crowd, holding a panel at Comic-Con?


Effective, basically, immediately Caroline Skinner is no longer working on Doctor Who. The producer joined the series in 2011 and served along side Steven Moffat through the series’ sixth and seventh seasons. The official word came from the BBC earlier this morning. In a statement, Skinner said,

It has been an honour to have been a part of Doctor Who, and a privilege to have worked with Steven Moffat and Matt Smith on this extraordinary show. I have hugely enjoyed my time in BBC Wales and would like to thank Faith Penhale, and our wonderful production team for their unending commitment and brilliance.

I will miss them all enormously, but I’m leaving Doctor Who in fine form, with the new series starting at Easter and the fantastic plans for the 50th Anniversary already underway. I am delighted to be now returning to BBC Drama Production in London as an executive producer, and the new opportunities and projects that will bring.

She’ll continue to serve as producer on BBC Two and Mark Gatiss‘ upcoming 50th anniversary docu-drama, An Adventure in Space and Time, before returning to BBC Drama. Caro, your enthusiam for Who will surely be missed.

Interestingly, Bleeding Cool seem to hint at the decision for her to leave stemmed from a “very public row” she had with Moffat at the recent BBC Showcase event, but with no further information this could just be industry gossip.

Taking over producer duties for Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary is BBC Wales’ Head of Drama, Faith Penhale,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Caroline for her contribution to Doctor Who since taking on the role in 2011, on behalf of both the BBC and the show.  She leaves the show in good shape – there’s a brilliant new series starting on Easter Saturday that will see the official arrival of the Doctor’s new companion! And the 50th Anniversary plans are on track to deliver audiences an unmissable event! I wish her all the very best for the future.

They’re clearly trying to deliver the message that all is well, but we have to be a little concerned when a producer bounces out right before production begins on the biggest Doctor Who event, ever, right?

Source: Doctor Who TV


We’ve seen Daleks and Cybermen and Autons, even famed baddies like Davros and The Master have appeared, and now it’s the Ice Warriors chance to return and be reinvented. They’ll be appearing in the third episode of the second half of Season 7 of Doctor Who – man, what a mouthful! – in an episode written by Mark Gatiss. All we really know thus far about its plot is we’ll find The Doctor and Clara trapped on a submarine for some kind of underwater adventure.

And there’ll be these guys,



Pretty great lookin’, right? I can’t wait to see how they move in these suits! I was worried they’d take their new design too modern, I’d feared they’d look too Silurian. But now, what we have here is another fantastic update job by the pros at Who. From those who designed it to those made it to those who now have to act in it. This look evokes the Ice Warriors of old, see above, but manage to be far more imposing and threatening. Basically, I’m more excited for the Ice Warriors to return now that I’ve gotten a proper look at them.

What do you guys think? Will the Ice Warriors be haunting your dreams, or do you think they’ll fall further on the side of hokey, forgettable Who villain?

Doctor Who returns March 30th at 9pm EST!

Source: SFX via BBC America