Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk)


Ever since Mark Ruffalo took over the reigns as The Hulk, I’ve grown to become been a big fan of the character. Don’t get me wrong. Eric Bana and Edward Norton were fine versions of the big green machine, but it’s Ruffalo’s blandness as Dr. Banner that won me over. With that, I have to say I’m was a little disappointed to find out that he won’t be in the latest installment of the Captain America franchise.


‘The Avengers’ Are Back For Reshoots In January

The Avengers

In August it was announced that filming on The Avengers: Age of Ultron had officially wrapped production and was consequently going into post-production. Subsequently, everyone went bat-shit crazy (11,000,000 people viewed the trailer in the space of seventeen hours) after viewing the fantastically, haunting two-minute teaser trailer which – in what was a touch of genius – had James Spader‘s Ultron eerily speaking alongside the song  “I’ve Got Know Strings To Hold Me Down,” ending with the lines: “I had stings, but now I’m free …there are no strings, on me.” However, now it seems there is still some work left to do come the beginning of the New Year. (more…)