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It’s confirmed, my friends:

The Holy Grail of Nerd Cinema….the team-up we always thought would remain the province of comics, cartoons, and video games–but would NEVER actually happen in the movies–is upon us!

There will be a Superman/Batman movie in 2015! Creatively titled: Batman Vs. Superman, it’s apparently the sequel to the recently released Supes reboot Man Of Steel. That means Henry Cavil will once again be donning the red and blue super-suit….

But what of the Dark Knight?

With Christian Bale out of the Bat-Business, who will take up the cowl and cape of Gotham City’s shadowy protector?

So far, the rumor mill has come up with only one name: Tyler Hoechlin (below)


If you’ve never heard of him, don’t worry–it just means you have enough self-respect to avoid MTV’s Teen Wolf series.

I honestly don’t know jack about this guy….maybe he’s brilliant–maybe he’ll be the best Batman since Michael Keaton. Anything’s possible….


Until an actor is officially announced, we will continue to do what nerds always do, and yammer on about our dream choices to portray the “World’s Greatest Detective”.

Here’s ten we think would do nicely:


At the end of the month the second half of the animated (rather fast and loose) adaptation of  Frank Miller‘s The Dark Knight Returns will be released on Blu-Ray, VOD and DVD for anyone still stuck in the 20th century. Up after the jump you can catch a quick look at the animated feature. Spoiler alert, it contains bone breaking, punching, explosions  and a mustache.  (more…)

Just wrapping up in the IGN Theater at New York Comic Con has been The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 panel, moderated by Gary Miereanu with Bruce Timm and Andrea Romano. For the first time ever NYCC is live streaming their panels out of the IGN Theater and we here at Nerd Bastards are bringing you recaps of every one. Along with exclusive showroom floor coverage and interviews, but you already knew that, didn’t you?

The only thing we can’t share with you are the trailers and clips shown during the panels, of which there were many at this DC Animated universe panel. They started with an exclusive trailer for an upcoming project I’ve very excited about, LEGO Batman The Movie: Superheroes Unite. Miereanu promises the movie is the funniest superhero movie he’s ever seen and if it’s at all like the LEGO games I’m think we’re in for an excellent flick.

LEGO Batman will be one of four movies being released next year, the first, obviously being The Dark Knight Returns Part 2. Part 1 released only a few weeks ago (Psst, you can read our review here.) and while it was received favorably the real excitement has been over Part 2, where we get to properly meet Michael Emerson‘s Joker.

Romano said she was given specific instruction to cast not from their usual company of actors. Obviously this meant no Kevin Conroy or Mark Hamill, though Romano admits she’d use them every time if permitted. Of Emerson she said his Joker is “scary,” “eerie,” and “wonderful” but that it’s unlike any Joker we’ve heard before.

Much of the same could be said of Peter Weller‘s performance as Batman. It’s unlike anyone we’ve heard before, even Conroy’s old, grumpy Bruce from Batman Beyond, to which Bruce Timm revealed he hadn’t realized how much they took from The Dark Knight Returns when he was working on Beyond. He also dropped hints he’d love to work on another Beyond movie during the Q & A, so keep your fingers crossed!

Another addition to the cast in Part 2 is Mark Valley as Clark Kent/Superman, who both Timm and Romano praise as being able to bring sympathy to a Superman who isn’t much more than the President’s lackey and a bully. Timm also said whenever Valley voiced Clark he would wear a pair of glasses, to help with the character. Ha!

There were several clips from Part 2 shared during the panel and with any luck we’ll see them make their way online soon, but one clip in particular revealed a surprise voice over in the movie. Voicing the late night host, Dave Endocrine who the Joker kills with signature laughing gas is Conan O’Brian! Romano said his dying laugh, the slow to maniacal laugh that comes with being doused with Joker toxin, O’Brian recorded his in one take and it is incredible. Cannot wait to hear that, how about you?

The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 will release early next year and LEGO Batman The Movie following in the Spring. The other two projects we can expect next year are Superman Unbound in the middle of 2013, and this will be a movie based on Geoff Johns‘ Superman/Braniac series. There’s no official announcement of the cast, though they’ve already been recording and they all agree the cast is awesome. It was hinted Molly Quinn of Castle is involved. Lois, maybe?

And lastly, Justice League: Flashpoint, capping off what I find to be a rather lackluster schedule, what do you think? I’m looking forward to The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 and I cannot wait for LEGO Batman The Movie, but Unbound and Flashpoint? I’m not twitching in my seat with excitement over either one. If anything, Flashpoint happened so recently and created the hot mess that is the New 52. I can’t imagine many a DC fanboy or girl being all that excited by it.

What are your thoughts about their upcoming slate of DC original animated movies? What’s the comic you most want to seem them tackle next?

Stay tuned for more up to the minute coverage from NYCC!


Ugh, I really don’t want to report this rumor. I’d rather go back to enjoying my Shamrock Shake and pair of slàinte boobs that are two green beers away from being groped. However, there is always time for some good trolling. Which, I assume today’s rumor is merely aiming to do.

A few days ago, we told you that David Slade (Hard Candy, 30 Days of Night, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) was going to direct a new Daredevil movie.  With that news unleashed, comes the casting game. It’s been reported that none of the stars from Ben Affleck‘s ‘Daredevil’ would reprise their roles; and thank god for that. So what names are being tossed around like $5 Taiwanese hooker? Just who will be the new “man with out fear”? Fortunately for Twilight fans, but unfortunately for the rest of us, Robert Pattinson is apparently a person of interest for the blind man in red. Ya know, ’cause of his past work with Slade.

The West Hollywood Resnorter over at Moviehole reports (and this is only a rumor, so please, take it with the usual grain of salt) that:

And yes, with David Slade given the job, there’s “some kind of talk” about Robert Pattinson — who, with the Twilight series winding up, is going to be looking for a new well-paying gig — playing the part of Matt Murdock – – -which, I have to say, I don’t dislike the idea of (I think he has some chops under that pale exterior, and definitely has the right ‘look’).

Pattinson is a good looking, popular guy, but I don’t want Pattinson in my Daredevil and I don’t want Daredevil in my Pattinson. Daredevil can’t see us, but if Pattinson gets this role then nobody will see him! Least we need yet another brit takin’ the role of a American super hero. A thousand times NO!
For gods sake, if they want to take this reboot seriously then at least cast someone in the right 30-35 age bracket. My vote goes to Mark Valley who plays Christopher Chance from Human Target. Or, maybe that guy from the Sex in the City movie Jason Lewis. Both have that rugged, mature, charismatic thing going on. Both totally have the Matt Murdock swagger.

Ya know, better yet. Instead of a Daredevil reboot just turn it into a television drama series. The Law and Order fans would love it!

Robert Pattison as Daredevil is just a rumor. Something to get everyone’s panties or underoos in a bunch It will probably never happen. But, what if it did? Are you ok with that? Who else would you like to see as Daredevil?