Mark Walberg


Just when you thought you had banished all thoughts of Tim Burton‘s 2001 Planet of the Apes reboot from your nerdy mind and gotten rid of that metallic after taste that lingered for weeks in your mouth after the first, and only time you saw the movie, this had to happen and dredge it all up again. Those anger management consoling sessions aren’t cheap dammit. The ever so talented Tim Roth (Reservoir Dogs, Rob Roy, and regrettably Planet of the Apes) was recently asked to explain that ever so confusing Burton POTA ending. (more…)


I do not believe in Michael Bay’s Transformers. Like many of you, I consider the franchise a bastardization of our beloved robots in disguise. The Bayformers series has offered nothing but an unnecessary amount violence, racism and sex. I do not care for any more films. But… they’re happening anyway. Transformers 4 is rolling out…

As I said, I did not care for the first three Transformers movies. However, I do like Kelsey Grammer, so I’m torn. Oh, wait. Sorry, I forgot to mention… Sideshow Bob has just been cast as the lead (human) villain. According to Deadline, Grammer will play Harold Attinger, an evil counter intelligence agent. He’ll join fellow cast members Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci as well as a few unknowns.

Honestly, who doesn’t like Kelsey Grammer? This is Frasier we’re talking about! And, he was the best part of all of X3, but that’s not saying much.

Even with the awesomeness of this casting followed by the surprise of Pain and Gain (Bay finally did something right!) I cannot get excited for another Transformers movie. I just can’t.

The film is schedueld for release June 27, 2014 [Deadline]