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Good news for attendees of the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival at the end of August because they’ll be among the first to see the season 7 premiere of Doctor Who, “Asylum of the Daleks.” Written by showrunner Steven Moffat, the episode is said to feature “every Dalek ever” and if it doesn’t live up to the tease than Moffat will be on hand after the screening to receive criticism (or maybe praise).

Of course, Moffat is doubling down on praise, and he has this follow-on tease for all y’all:

“The Daleks are coming back and they’re worse than ever. Just you wait until you see what they’re going to do.”

To double down on Moffat’s double down, Who executive producer Caroline Skinner told BBC’s official Doctor Who Website the following:

“This is an epic Dalek adventure that kicks off the new series in explosive style! If you think you know all there is to know about the Daleks, think again…  [The episode will feature] every kind of Dalek ever faced by the Time Lord – including the legendary Special Weapons Dalek.”

Now my relationship with Doctor Who doesn’t exactly go back all 50 years, so I’m not sure what it means that there’s a legendary “Special Weapons Dalek,” but on the other hand that’s definitely something you want to have in your back pocket when you’re in a place called the “Asylum of the Daleks.”

For other series 7 spoilers, or at least the ones that have been pieced together so far, Screenrant has the complete breakdown:

  • This season will consist of 14 episodes split between Autumn 2012 and Spring 2013.
  • The second episode of this season – partly set in ancient Egypt – will feature Queen Nefertiti  and Mark Williams (Arthur Weasley in the Harry Potter films) as Rory’s dad.
  • The third episode will have a “Wild West” theme.
  • Episode five will partially be set in Manhattan and feature the return of the Weeping Angels and River Song (YES!), plus the “final” departure of Amy and Rory (NO!).
  • The series will break until Christmas.
  • The Christmas special will written by Moffat and feature the debut of The Doctor’s new companion played by Jenna-Louise Coleman. The new companion will be very different from previous companions and is “going to be a shock.
  • The remaining episodes will air in spring 2013 and will contain the big 50th anniversary episode, which is still very hush-hush but is said to feature many familiar faces.
  • UNIT and the Ood will both appear this season.
  • Moffat has created new villains that he says are his “scariest yet.”
  • Confirmed  guest stars include David Gyasi, Rupert Graves, David Bradley, Riann Steele (as Queen Nefertiti) in Episode 2, Ben Browder, Adrian Scarborough, Garrick Hagon, Steven Berkoff, Ruthie Henshall, Jemma Redgrave, Michael McShan, Dougray Scott, Jessica Raine, David Warner, and Liam Cunningham.
  • Moffat also teased: “If we did a UNIT story, would Martha [the Tenth Doctor’s second companion] be there?”

Stay tuned for more Who news in the coming weeks. Especially with Comic Con coming up.

Source: Screenrant

Filming is currently underway for the seventh season of Doctor Who. We’ve had a chance to see a few images that leaked showing cast members running, the usual action for any Who episode, but now thanks to Doctor Who Magazine a few rumors about upcoming episodes have been confirmed.

It all started with a comment left on Bleeding Cool’s forum,

He’s written a Western, a genre not seen since in Doctor Who since 1966. It’s being shot in Alemria in Spain at ‘Mini-Hollywood’, which is a Tourist Attraction that was built around the sets from the Sergio Leone Spaghetti Westerns. (So expect a joke about Ponchos being cool.)
As they did with Croatia a couple of years back, they’re doing location shooting for two episodes while they’re there and the rumour is that the Tabernas Desert will be standing in for the ruins of Skaro.

At the time this comment treated as complete rumor because what facts are there to go from? None. But now after perusing Doctor Who Magazine, Bleeding Cool thinks there might be something to it. First off, DWM confirms they are currently filming in Spain for what will be a Western-genre episode. This Western episode will also feature Farscape‘s Ben Browder as a guest star and Sal Metzstein will be directing. There’s no talk about an episode set on Skaro, so that bit may or may not turn out to be true.

We also learned the episode we saw them filming earlier, the one with Mark Williams, will have a Chris Chibnall-penned screenplay and more guest appearances from Rupert Graves and David Bradley. Finally, for the last bit of Who news revealed in DWM, we now know season seven will be split into two blocks and the assumption is the split will happen with the Christmas episode. Also, two episodes from this second half will have Nick Hurran for director and will be written by Steven Moffat. Place your bets now for whether or not those episodes will be a two-part finale. I’m gonna say yes.

Yesterday Doctor Who began filming season seven and we’ve got our first look from the set as well as a few casting announcements. Above is the first official image to be released and below you can see a few shots of the cast on set. Nothing too revealing of course, they’ve only been filming for a day. Though, I do love seeing real, solid evidence Doctor Who is currently happening in Cardiff.

See, not much is really spoiled, but you do have to wonder who Mark Williams, known to many as Mr. Weasley in the Harry Potter films, is playing? Many are guessing Rory’s dad and I think that’s a fair assumption. What do you think?

Also joining the cast is another Harry Potter alum, David Bradley, who played Argus Filch in that series, as well as Rupert Graves who was most recently seen on the BBC’s (and oh-so coincidentally Steven Moffat‘s) Sherlock. No word yet on what roles they’ll be playing, but Huzzah! to more awesome actors joining Doctor Who. I really hope Doctor Who is becoming that TV show Brit stars are all clamoring for a guest spot on.

Filming is expected to continue until late in the year and while we’re hoping new episodes will be airing this fall nothing official has been said. Stay tuned for more filming updates and official announcements on Who‘s return. When we know, you’ll know.

Source: Bleeding Cool (2)