If you’ve been following pop culture at all for the last few months, you’ve already seen some of the genius tactics that the marketing team behind the upcoming Deadpool film have employed.  The latest offering comes with the return of the hit television show “The X-Files” last night – and since both the show and the movie are both Fox properties, it makes perfect sense (in that weird, Deadpool kind of way) to do a mashup of the two. (more…)


This is surely going to please quite a few Star Wars fans out there.

While he has technically been “retired” for the better part of the last six years, word has it that JJ Abrams has reached out to poster legend Drew Struzan to design the one sheet for Episode VII…and Struzan has agreed to return to the pen and ink to do so. If this proves to be true, it’ll be a huge act of goodwill toward fans on the part of Abrams.


The Avengers will be kicking off the summer blockbuster season this year when it releases on May 4th. It’s also expected to be one of the biggest movies of the year, and that’s saying something in a year where we’re looking forward to other HUGE franchise releases like The Dark Knight Rises and The Hobbit. I’m not saying we’re looking at a repeat of 1939, often considered one of the greatest years for movies, but there are A LOT of great flicks to be excited for in 2012.

But I really think The Avengers is going to own 2012, and that’s coming from a devout follower of the Bat. It’s simple, Dark Knight Rises is only Batman, The Hobbit is singular, but The Avengers has Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Scarlet Johansson’s ass, Hawkeye, Samuel L. Jackson, Agent Coulson and that chick from How I Met Your Mother.

It’s an impressive lineup and one that is primed for marketing. Just look at all this awesome shit you’ll be throwing money at this year!


I’ve no idea what is up with this, though I’m sure that the media will find out soon. I mean, really, what doesn’t the media know, anyway?

It appears that Disney has sacked (figuratively in both senses, which are both painful) the movie marketing department of Marvel. Although Kevin Feige will still be at the forefront of all things when it comes to movies based on Marvel comics, Disney wants to contain all of their marketing efforts within itself.

Off the record, it may be that Feige and other executives just weren’t a fan of the marketing team Marvel had put together. Apparently these are some of the things that were overheard:

“Not up to, or have the skill set to release this brand properly.”

“Their job was to keep track of the people doing the real work.”

“Paper pushers.”

”Would it have killed them to return an email?”

“Disney doesn’t need someone to cut its trailers.”

What do you guys think about this? Do you think this will have a significant impact on how these movies are marketed, and whether it was a good decision on Disney’s part?

Source: You Bent My Wookie