Married With Children


Every once in a while, a television series hits living rooms and truly changes the way that people look at the world around them.  I Love Lucy presented its fans with an interracial marriage to chew on; MASH gave viewers a new perspective on a war that had ended decades before the series premiered; NYPD Blue not only gave audiences a gritty take on New York’s finest but also pushed network television to its limits, expanding on what censors would allow on primetime television.  Then, there are shows like Married With Children, that basically mirror the society in which we live.  The classic sitcom gave viewers a family that was perfect in their imperfections and celebrated dysfunction.  Now, almost twenty years since the series ended, it appears that the series is hoping to make history again with a new spinoff, if reports are to be believed. (more…)


‘Married With Children’ was a sitcom on FOX and it told the story of failed shoe salesman Al Bundy, and his family: tacky wife Peg, slutty, idiot daughter Kelly, and loser son Bud. Its dysfunctional family tag team with ‘The Simpsons’ was a perfect way to waste a prime time hour. The show ended unceremoniously in 1997 after 11 strong years, but its finish was an abrupt one. No final episode, no goodbye, nothing. I took it personally because I was a big fan. But when the “family” got together for Katey Sagal’s (Peg) induction into the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, I was wowed to see how close the old gang still is. And it didn’t surprise me to later hear news of a possible formal TV reunion. (more…)