Martial Arts


Les Blank’s Burden of Dreams chronicles the trials and tribulations Werner Herzog faced when attempting to mold his masterpiece, Fitzcarraldo, without once wavering from his daunting personal vision. Outside of the filmmaking process, what Blank’s documentary captures best is the way that dreams can consume us if we’re not careful. Herzog was an artist driven by his own unique brand of madness and, in the end, triumphed over adversity (not to mention a deranged Klaus Kinski) to deliver what might be the defining narrative picture of his career. With Kung Fu Elliot, “non-fiction” filmmakers Matthew Bauckman and Jaret Belliveau explore a similar consumption by artistic fascination. Only instead of resulting in a masterwork of idiosyncratic expression, their profile of “Canadian action star”, Elliot “White Lightning” Scott is nothing less than a cataloguing of pathological lies, culminating in a deeply disturbing portrait of partner abuse. (more…)


Fresh off of their respective turns as Marvel characters, WWE star Dave Bautista and UFC fighter George St. Pierre are signing on to a remake of the classic Jean Claude Van-Damme martial arts revenge film, Kickboxer. However, neither is looking to take Muay Thai lessons, as they’re going to simply be playing flesh-pounding fodder for a young up-and-coming fighter who has agreed to slip into Kurt Sloane’s skin.