Martin Landau

7 Sci-fi TV Shows In Need of a Reboot

The big thing in Hollywood of late has been reboots of old shows.  After the success of the many iterations of Star Trek and the Ronald D. Moore update to the venerable Battlestar Galactica in 2004.  There seems to be a predilection toward recreating old series instead of creating something new.

With reboots of well-known and popular shows like The JetsonsLost in Space, and The X-Files all getting updates for the modern era, there are lots of shows that deserve a chance at their own re-imagining.


In a sad addition to the week’s first death notice, the passing of Night of the Living Dead director George A. Romero, it was announced Sunday night that Martin Landau, Academy Award-winning actor, had joined Romero in the afterlife. Landau passed away after “unexpected complications” ensured during a brief stay at the UCLA Medical Center, according to his publicist Dick Guttman. Working steadily since the 60s, Landau’s life, as summed up by Guttman, is “living proof that Hollywood will find great roles for great actors at any stage of their careers.”  (more…)