Progress is being made on the development of the Sin City sequel A Dame to Kill For, and key to that is getting Mickey Rourke back on board as Sin City bruiser and ex-con Marv. Deadline is reporting that Marv’s portrayer Rourke is now officially in negotiations to be a part of the film, which is supposedly going to begin shooting sometime later this summer. By now you’re saying, “Wait. Didn’t Marve die in the first Sin City? Sure, if you’re judging things chronologically, but A Dame to Kill For takes place before The Hard Goodbye, the story Marv’s segment in the first Sin City movie was based on.

In other Sinful news, another key cast member from A Dame to Kill For says he hasn’t heard anything about his services being needed in the new film. Michael Madsen, who plays corrupt police detective Bob, former partner of Detective John Hartigan (Bruce Willis), is kind of scratching his head wondering where his invitation to play is.

“Well that’s kind of a mystery because there’s a whole bunch of stuff all over the internet that I’m doing a sequel and I certainly didn’t put that stuff on there, so I don’t know who did,” says Madsen who adds in a MTV News interview that he’s yet to get a straight answer from director Robert Rodriguez. “But, wherever that came from, whoever generated that information, must be thinking that I’m doing that — but I can’t seem to get an answer out of anybody.”

Still, Madsen says he’s up for the movie if and when he’s asked, even though it kind of sounds like he hasn’t done the reading. “Well, sure. I thought the first one was pretty good,” he says. “I mean, I kind of got in that first one by default. And Bob survives, so you’d figure that he’s gonna make it, right? You’d figure that I’d show up in part two. So if you could get an answer for me, I’d really appreciate it, cause I can’t find out. Of course, I’d like to be a part of it.”

De-Fault. The two sweetest words in the English language. Hope it works for Madsen this time.

More news as it develops.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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