Mashable and other sources are confirming the rumors: Netflix definitely is coming to the Nintendo Wii this spring.

Netflix, the digital and physical rental service that lets you receive and stream movies and tv episodes for a monthly fee, saw its popularity explode when streaming new and classic items became available for Xbox and later PS3. Though the streaming capabilities for Wii have been rumored for some time now, Nintendo officials and the Netflix site have finally confirmed that the Wii indeed will see Netflix-ability soon.

Mashable reports that to use Netflix on the Wii, the user must reserve a special disc through Netflix. Once the disc arrives closer to the spring launch date, the user must insert it into the Wii console as they would any game.

Mashable reports that a Japanese newspaper talked to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and has revealed that the next Nintendo DS, dubbed by many as DS2, will have motion controls.

From the interview, Mashable infers that the new DS will have motion-sensitive controls similar to Wii remotes. More detailed graphics also are on the way.

However, the DS2 won’t have a 3G internet connection and, thus, won’t compete with the iPhone, Droid and others directly for those type of mobile gaming dollars. It appears that cartridges and downloads via wi-fi will retain their places.