Looking back on AMC‘s award winning Breaking Bad series, the only thing I regret not seeing is Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) singing. now we don’t have to imagine what it might have been like thanks to the folks over at Animeme and Toonocracy. They teamed up and produced this little animated video gem. (more…)


Once we saw the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer and heard that haunting Pinocchio music and lyrics, we knew there would be mashups, the only thing missing was Sean Bean’s Eddard Stark warning us that the Mashups were coming. We’ve gathered a few to take the edge off until we get Tuesday’s new Avengers: Age of Ultron footage during Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (more…)


November 23rd is less than two weeks away, and in these 11 days leading to the Doctor Who 50th anniversary we here at Nerd Bastard’s want to share with you a few of our favorite Whovian things. Mashups have reached new heights of popularity thanks to the internet acting as a veritable melting pot of pop culture. Nothing can escape it, not even Doctor Who. Here to celebrate being only Sylvestory McCoy–er seven days away from the premiere of “The Day of the Doctor” are seven of our favorite Who mashups. (more…)

“You sank my battleship… with your alien death ray!”

Yeah, I don’t quite remember it that way either, but in their infinite wisdom Universal Studios and Hasbro decided to make a Battleship movie with massive aliens that rise up from the sea. In the spirit of that “creative” leap, I and my co-conspiritor Jason Tabrys wrote the synopses, the tag-lines, the titles, and even cast these four “creative” movie and board game mashups that Hollywood needs to greenlight right now. Hell, Jeremy R! Hudson and Jason (but mostly him) even made up some fantastic posters for the films too, so all we need is a few hundred million dollars and we can make the best board game movie spin-off since Clue (you heard me).

Monopoly: Revenge of the Fallen

Synopsis: Max Marther (actor and comic book artist Shia LaBeouf) is an Occupy protester and an up and coming blogger for an underground activism website. His life is thrown through a loop though, when a major corporation buys the site and turns it into a LOLCat content farm, forcing Marther to embed himself in the world of finance, quickly climbing up the corporate ladder because of his unfathomable whiteness and his unearned swagger.

Soon, Marther can see the whole board and becomes a land baron with a pocketful of “Get out of Jail Free” cards and a plan to run the bank and drive all the other players toward bankruptcy. Will his plan succeed, or will he be seduced by the 1 percenter lifestyle, a high class call girl named Community Chest (introducing Random Lingerie Model in a breakthrough performance) with a secret, and Arthur Michael Manchester (Nic Cage), the current banker and a rogue utility company owner with troubling hair who inherited both Boardwalk and Park Place under curious circumstances from his late brother, Nathan (also Nic Cage)?

Coming in 2013, the money never sleeps and the game never ends in Monopoly: Revenge of the Fallen. (more…)

Dream Star Wars Comic Book Mashups


Art by Marco D'Alfonso

Hey kids, wanna see something neat? Here’s a dose of some cool comic crossovers that could only live in a bizarro world where intellectual properties were allowed to co-mingle more freely.

Brian Cronin from the Comics Should Be Good section over at Comic Book Resources put out a challenge in honor of the now departed Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie and some brilliant artists answered the call. Check it out, share it, and let us know what you think. These are, of course, mere requests, but if you’ve come this far and don’t, it sorta makes you an epic tease.

ABOVE: Since the Deadpool movie keeps moving further and further away from the realm of possibility, I say Marvel trades Wade Wilson to Lucasfilm for Asajj Ventress and a Wookie to be named later, then, at least, this could happen. As for the drawing, I’m split on which is my favorite part, Bounty Hunter fist-bump or the Deapool “Shh, don’t speak” to carbonite Han. What do you think?

This one is by Marco D’Alfonso, here’s his website.



The Walking Dead \ Office Space Mashup


If you have not watched last Sunday’s The Walking Dead episode and don’t want to know anything until you get a chance to watch it . . .


For those that have already watched the episode, did you happen to notice a scene very similar to one that happened in the movie Office Space? Well YouTube user Spiderman26 did, and then went so far as to redub the matching music to the video. Once you hear that music and see the scene, you’ll never be able to watch the original, and not have that music in your head.

Now whether this was a conscious attempt by The Walking Dead group to pay tribute to the Office Space scene is not really known. It’s more likely just a happy coincidence . . . but one can dream. 


There’s five new stills from the upcoming Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter movie. Everything is starting to point to this movie being a great ride.

Movie Synopsis: 

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a re-imagining of the 16th President’s life that depicts him as an axe-throwing, highly accomplished killer of vampires — an obsession of his since those bloodsuckers supposedly took the life of his mother. Lincoln eventually learns that the vampires have fled to the southern states of the U.S. and are concocting a plan to conquer and enslave the entire country — this in turn leads to the Civil War between the Union and the Confederacy, the latter of which the vampires are aligned with.

The majority of the stills in this set show an early scene from the film, young Lincoln has journeyed to Louisiana to rescue a friend — a freed black man named William Johnson (The Hurt Locker‘s Anthony Mackie), who’s been captured by a group of Southern vampires.

You see vampires of that time liked the idea of slavery, for them, it turns plantations into a grocery market and backyard feeding ground. The Confederacy and slave owning states were like an all-you-can-eat Sizzler buffet for those bloodsuckers looking to feed with little to no consequences.

Grahame-Smith (Author of the book) built this part of the story around true-life accounts of Lincoln’s visits to Louisiana as a young man, where he was disgusted by the sight of blacks being chained together and whipped, and his early abolitionist feelings began to form.

“In the movie, it’s a similar experience, seeing it all for the first time, and choosing how he’s going to deal with it from that point on — whether it be entering into politics, or whether it be sharpening his axe,” Walker the movie’s director says.

As you can see, Abe’s first big fight doesn’t go well at first. Young Lincoln is soon overpowered by two vampires, played by Rufus Sewell (kneeling) and supermodel Erin Wasson (seated on top of him).

“It’s the first time in the movie he has had to exercise his skills on his own. He’s choosing his new targets, and choosing how to use these new found skills. Who knows if he will be successful?” Walker says with a laugh: “I mean, we do …”

The movie is scheduled to hit theaters on June 22th, 2012.

Via: Entertainment Weekly


Staying true to their motto of ‘two weeks, two geek references, mashed together!’ the artist group known as Draw2D2 have placed the well loved Muppets into the well worn world of Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings”.

If you have ever wanted to know what it would look like to see Fozzy Bear climb up the Mountain of Mordor while holding Kermit, if you often wondered if Beaker would be a powerful wizard… your answers lie after the jump.


YouTuber neonstz put together a quick compilation of Star Wars clips in the style of a silent film, kickin’ it super old school.  Dude(tte?) did a great job with the sound and the overall editing, and it’s definitely a video worth taking the time to watch.  It’d probably elicit nothing but question marks and exclamation marks from those who have not yet watched the Star Wars films, but fans will definitely appreciate this for what it’s worth — and by that I mean the shits and giggles.

Source: TheMarySue

*Note: The above article was written by Nerd Bastards contributor Christa D. @bitchyface

4jgxS(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

Calvin and Hobbes is a series well loved by many former children, now reading the aforementioned series to their children. Thanks to those at DC comics the beloved tales of a child and his tiger have been reborn. It’s just not how you remember it this time around. Those buying Superman/Batman #75 get a special bonus comic in the form of Joker and Lex.

That’s right, with a now young( but still bald) Lex and Joker. Perfected into Bill Watterson’s iconic design, the tale of Lex once again getting defeated takes on an adorable twist for the ladies. This is a series that needs to be spun off and printed immediately.

source: thehighdefinite