For many people, myself included, the greatest character in the Watchmen graphic novel (and subsequent movie) was the anti-hero Rorschach.

Rorschach has most of his face hidden behind a mask that changes shape based on his emotions, akin to the infamous Rorschach test, which gauges an individuals reaction to ink-blots to tell a trained professional about their state of mind.

But, when people for various conventions or Halloween wanted to dress up as him, there was no way to create a mask that changes shape … until NOW!

YouTube user guinness0507 has finally cracked the code on how to create a Rorschach mask that actually changes color! It seriously needs to be seen to be believed … so what are you waiting for?

Check out the video below!

Turtle Power > Your Embarrasment

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TMNT was by far one of the best cartoons in the late 80’s to early 90’s. Now that all of us crazy kids have grown up and hopefully gotten jobs (I still haven’t) we can afford fashionable clothing that signifies a somewhat unhealthy longing to be included in a cartoon. That is why you are now able to purchase this awesome backpack from Hottopic. The bag even comes with four eye masks to hide your identity while wearing it. Now your friends, or just random people, won’t recognize you when you kick them right in the balls, or even in their vagina. *Not physically in their vagina.. shut up, you know what i meant… unless…* The masks come in the four colors that each of the turtles wore. Red- Raphael, Blue-Leonardo, Purple- Donatello, and Yellow-Michelangelo. Whoever you chose to be, wearing these¬†accessories will allow you to kick gratuitous¬†¬†amounts of ass. So buy it already, enjoy!

Source: TheDailyWhat