Mathew Vaughn

The Kingsman

Matthew Vaughn – of Kick Ass and X-men: First Class fame –  has directed a new movie based on Mark Miller’s (Kick-Ass 1 & 2) comic book that has got us real excited here at NerdBastards. Furthermore, after each update, our interest in the movie is ever increasing. With the release date of Kingsman The Secret Service set for February 13th and the film is entering the final stages of its marketing campaign, word on the film has been building incrementally with each update offering more of an insight into what we should be expecting to see when the movie finally hits the big screen. Starring Colin Firth stars as a dapper secret agent training a new recruit and we have some rad and rather risqué character posters featuring Firth, Samuel L. Jackson and an awesome little pug named Jack Bauer. Check em out below peepsters. (more…)

I’ve got a list of promised sequels that I had previously swore would never be made: A 300 sequel (or prequel), Sin City 2, The First Wives Club 2 (Don’t judge me!), and Kick-Ass 2. Amazingly though, 3 out of those 4 are gaining traction and look, dare I say, likely, though I’m of the mindset that they won’t be real until I’m sitting in a theater watching them.

Tonight though, we have real news on Kick-Ass 2 (after earlier news on Sin City 2) from director Jeff Wadlow about adapting Mark Millar‘s Kick-Ass: Balls to the Walls comic book, the possibility of Chloë Grace Moretz returning, and more thanks to GeekTyrant.  Here are the words that assemble to make a quote:

“It’s been an interesting process because for those of you who know the property really well, the movie takes some significant liberties with the first comic book. So then Mark did the sequel to the comic book which is Kick-Ass 2. So I had sort of this movie and the comic book and I had to find the intersection. An adaptation was quite a challenge, but one that I really enjoyed and loved. I think the most important thing that’s gonna change from the Kick-Ass 2 comic to Kick-Ass 2 the movie was just really finding an emotional story to tell. Because what I certainly loved about the first film, and what I think elevated it above most comic book adaptations, is the heart and the emotion in the film. It was sort of my challenge as the film maker and storyteller to find something as emotional in the second film and I think we have some stuff that people are gonna really respond to.”

Wadlow also went on to talk about the Hit Girl character’s journey away from her crime fighting ways in the sequel.

If you’ve read the comic, you know, she gives up being Hit-Girl, which was a brilliant idea I thought on Mark’s part. It’s something I explore something quiet deeply in the movie because what happens in the comic is she sort of steps away from the story in many ways and she’s sort of sidelined while Dave is working with Justice Forever and Chris is becoming the Mother[frick]er. But I was quite interested in what happens to her when she’s not being Hit-Girl.

The first Kick-Ass, directed by Mathew Vaughn, was a moderate performer, pulling in only $48.1 million in the US and another $48 million in foreign receipts off a total production budget of around $30 million, making a sequel less than a fiscal slam dunk. Still, the R rated film got an A cinemascore from patrons under 25, and it got mostly solid reviews, so here we are, on the verge of a sequel, maybe, probably, man I hope so.

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